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Chris On The Bridge: Self-Healing Teams

By: Chris Greacen - 04/21/2020

During the pandemic I shared a short series of videos about some of the software development and teamwork topics that Lab Zero was facing. Here's one about team's ability to self-improve...

Teams that have clarity in their roles, access to the best data related to the business, and a clear mandate to deliver value will do amazing things. How are your teams thriving in these challenging times?

Here's the transcript:

    Hi it's Chris at Lab Zero - you know there are a lot of news stories about health these days. You can't turn on the news and not hear somebody talking about: doctors, medicine, health.

    There's a story that probably hasn't been on the news that is really important to me. Stop me if you've heard this one already... it's the story of the self-healing team. Have you heard it before?

    It goes something like this... There once was a team made up of members who had clearly defined roles. They understood each other's jobs and contribution to the work on the project. They had the tools available to them. They had the mandate, permission, the ability to make improvements to their process and how they do their job. They had information that was available to them and they took time to look at that information.

    Oh I've seen this happen in reality a couple times where a team that is given all this permission and leeway and has the ability to collect performance data on how the team is working. Might be velocity, it might be a burn down chart, something like that.

    If they're able to use that data to improve their operation they will improve. They will try to win. They will have fun doing it.

    And I wish there were more of those stories on the on the news these days and I look forward to a time when we can focus on that kind of health and healing.

    If your teams are doing this I'd be curious to hear what other factors play in there - or into into that story. What factors drive the health and healing powers of your teams? Let me know!

    Be well!

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