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29 Songs: Day 2: On The Other Side

By: Chris Greacen - 02/02/2008
I probably should be writing songs about rain today, but instead I had some quality time with Ginger, who turned 1. The moment she went to sleep, all attention went to you-know-what (no, not a bottle of wine (this time)) and 'On The Other Side' came to me.

Sure it's barely demo quality, lyrics are jumbled and someewhere between pointless and sketchy... I still kinda like it. Like yesterday's, I'm wishing that I had my drums handy, I think it would be fun to work out the rhythms for these tunes.

I wasn't the only one who was in the studio on Saturday.

  • Seth: I Am Now -- Wow, Seth goes for the 'whole band' recording. And it's catchy!
  • Peter: Call This Song -- I like it! Clever! I like the 'use the song to deal with the songwriting' form (like Derek's) too.
  • Me: On The Other Side -- This came from nothing at all today. Yes, I noticed there's still a thin line between it and nothing at all.

Plus, I have ideas for the next 3 songs. Hopefully, I can trend toward completing a song a little earlier in the day.

Also, I've been really lame about putting a page on http://29.netscrap.com. I think I may need to move the directories containing mp3s on http://29.netscrap.com to make it easier for the web page to update itself. Yeah, I don't do code pushes for content updates if I can help it.

If you link to a song there... you may get an email from me about updating it.

Lastly: 6 more weeks of winter? Phil, you're killing me. Oh yeah, that and Supabowl tomorrow!