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Holy Crap Even More Artwork From Mad Men, Season 7 (Peggy Olson)

By: Chris Greacen - 08/21/2014

You might be sick of this after a few days of relentless posting about the artwork in Mad Men, Series 7. There's a lot more to cover though, so get ready. While everyone was mourning the loss of Robin Williams we missed the passing of David Wiedman whose prints were all over the Sterling Cooper Draper Yadda Yadda office.

Peggy's floral prints
Peggy has plenty of screen time this season and her office seems to be a place that the set decorators chose to showcase several pieces from David Weidman. These prints and the story behind them are pretty well-known having been featured in a few LA Times articles.

I love the color and forms in these prints -- so much fun. Once I tuned-in to the artist and his catalog, I started seeing them all over the place. You'll see them in the Artists Office and outside Roger Sterling's office.

Peggy was sporting a Saul Bass poster from the Second NY Film Festival at Lincoln Center (September 14-26, 1964). If you dig around, you can probably find one for sale.

Peggy redecorates her office at some point in the season and the emphasis seems to shift toward these smaller prints. Some still from David Wiedman.

Peggy's apartment like most of the living spaces is pretty drab. She has more of these sunflower shapes and other floral forms at home.

Next, the rest of the Art Department.