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By: Chris Greacen - 01/13/2008
Little John or blert played a show at the Stork Club a while back with a trio called Oh My God. They blew everyone in the room away with energy and fuzz. I joined their mailing list and kept an eye on their flirtations with mtv, incredibly hectic touring schedule, and growing buzz.

I was completely bummed to read their most recent email installment:

Most of you likely know that oh my god was hit head-on by a driver who had crossed into the wrong lane on Sept. 21. This was a terrifyingly violent crash that left us about half a second to prepare for a 55-mph head-to-head collision. The person who hit us did not survive, our van was instantly destroyed and we ended up with:

  1. Billy: one cracked vertebrae, three broken ribs, torn shoulder muscles and a shattered knee
  2. ig: severely broken and displaced right wrist plus three breaks in the right index finger (and, yes, I'm a righty)
  3. Bish: also a badly broken wrist (left one, the snare-hitting one)
  4. Matt (guitar player): really serious leg injury (badly broken left tibia), broken nose, fractured right hand

All four of us have been engaged in regular physical therapy and are trying to get our bodies back together. It's been a long, cold, difficult fall and winter, staying at home (and, in Matt's case, in Oklahoma for months with his parents) and not playing music and out of contact with everyone. We'll just have to see how this goes for each of us and let you know about any future prospects. Got to get these hands and legs in better shape before any talk of carrying stuff and playing instruments.

In the meantime, I edited together some footage from some of the last shows we did before the accident. We had conceived a series of "webisodes" to post on our site--sort of travelogues with a title inspired by Billy's hand-made "Legalize..." t-shirts. The show is called "Legalize oh my god" and parts 1 & 2 of the first episode are now posted at www.ohmygodmusic.com and on YouTube (search Legalize oh my god). Go watch it (it's under the "L.O.M.G. banner" on our site) and register your vote and comments, please. I think you'll dig this.

Endless thanks to the thousands of emails, texts, etc. we've gotten since the crash. Thank you to Breaking Laces, La Cacahouette and the other bands and people who put on the NY-state oh my god benefit shows.

Lastly, our good Chicago friends the Detholz started the website www.saveohmygod.com. Please go to it, spread it around and do what you can. Also, we sure had ordered a lot of Fools Want Noise and oh my god T-shirts before this cancelled tour. If you'd like to take 'em off our hands, go to the webstore at www.ohmygodmusic.com. And the CD Fools Want Noise remains available at www.splitredrecords.com.

Let's keep in touch. Go out and see some rock shows. They can be really great fun,

ig w/Billy, Bish, Matt

Send them warm fuzzies. Or money: stories of musicians with broken hands really bug me.