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By: Chris Greacen - 12/12/2008
I love that netscrap.com is popular with the folks who use stumbleupon. People have had a fun time reading through the scraps and often email me about it.

Every once and a while everyone converges on a piece of scrap almost all at once.

Kinda cool how easy google analytics makes it to see the piece of content that's performing and then get a quick breakdown of all the referrers. Just a few clicks helped me peg stumbleupon as the source. There's not enough detail to tell me exactly what page is driving traffic to netscrap.com. Was it from the homepage or some other highlight? Who knows. It's probably over now anyway.

FWIW- NetScrap.com is hosted on a single shared server on http://www.intermedia.net/, which has been pretty good about these spiky traffic events. NetScrap is also running on zombie technology for over 10 years (though CF may have briefly been not-zombie) with minimal down-time (and fortunately minimal features).