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Seeqpod sued by Warner Music

By: Chris Greacen - 01/25/2008
TechCrunch among others noted that seeqpod earned the legal attention of Warner Music. Claims include "Direct Copyright Infringement" "Contributory Copyright Infringement" "Vicarious Copyright Infringement" "Inducing Copyright Infringement" yeah, and a bunch of others. It's funny to me that the news story on their website today is about their earnings conference call, nothing about seeqpod.

The suit names names of WMG artists affected by seeqpod's induction of copyright infringement: Neil Young, Madonna, Greenday, Ramones, Twista, Busta Rymes, Black Sabbath, Zepplin, a-ha (?), The Doors, Chicago... Chicago? C'mon. Though I'll admit to having listened to the Ramones recently this just a really bad playlist.

In the words and spirit of Munger, Tolles, & Olson LLP (who's cheap-ass website also uses (Zombie) Cold Fusion (like good ole' GreacenZone)) here's a little on- demand digital performance for you:

I suspect there will be a bunch of mashed-up Web 2.x knots to untangle in the courts. Just wait till you can play a seeqpod playlist on your iphone: This'll piss everyone off. Let's watch this one.