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Salento Primitivo

By: Chris Greacen - 04/10/2006
Salento Primitivo: Jim & I tasted this wine at the ferry building's Wine Merchant bar as part of a flight of Primitivo and Zinfandel. The Zin is one of Jim's fav. Varietals so we headed right for it. Neither of us had tastes Primitivo before so we were drawn to it: half the fun of this is finding new stuff. Primitivo is a long lost cousin to Zin. Both are related to the Crljenak from Croatia.

Our flight included 2 or 3 Primitivos from Salento. We agreed that the youngest seemed to be the most interesting in the flight: tar, leather, dried fig & berry with a startlingly long Pecorino Romano finish... nice.

Anyway, this bottle went for ~$13 which seemed a steal. Thanks for the Wine Merchant for putting the flight together!

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