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29 Songs: Day 3: More To Come

By: Chris Greacen - 02/05/2008
So I flaked out a little tonight. I was under a schedule crunch today... so I dealt with it through some guitar crunch: partial rock, maybe I'll finish off Drums & Vox along with another song on another day. Here's something... zvex nano head in the house! More to Come

A few other notes on the recent gems:

  • Derek- Bakersfield -- makes me want to hop on the 99 and head south. Way to go! Ruby On Rails makes me want to get this java crap out of my life. I think the ROR folks will go nuts about this one.
  • Seth: better or worse -- We were all singing along with this one at breakfast. Amazingly catchy.
  • Peter: I haven't heard Discipline (I lack) yet. I like Malice and Caprice more with each listen.
  • Bruce: Thoughts and Silence -- I haven't spun your tracks yet, but I'll send some notes when I get to it.