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Fun with Wordle

By: Chris Greacen - 06/25/2008
I was hunting around the net for some info on heatmaps for a work-related project and came across a really neat toy called wordle created by Jonathan Feinberg. Wordle builds something resembling a tag cloud from a pile of text. Nice TrueType fonts and sweet color palettes help to turn a pile of wordiness into a handsome map.

I tossed the entire year's worth of blizzoggy posts from this site into wordle and this is what popped out (click the image for a larger image):

I removed the words from the GreacenZone's navigation (Fun, Music, Technology, Tagses, Leave, Category, etc.) and came up with this:

Lots more to see in the gallery.

One of the best parts of wordle is that the project seems to have come about as a personal project sponsored by Mr. Feinberg's employer, IBM. IBM owns the code, we get to enjoy the fruits (for a while at least).