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js-kit comments on greacen.com

By: Chris Greacen - 01/25/2008
I got a few little bumps in traffic from recent posts so I took 15 minutes to deploy js-kit's comment system onto my blizzog yesterday. If it works well, I'll consider tossing this onto netscrap.com as well. Pretty slick!

And easy: I just dropped a script tag and div onto my page and their system does the rest. I'm using threaded commenting, sorted by time, pre-moderated (I approve all posts before they're live). There's an rss feed for comments somewhere in there too. One thing I like is that they seem to be checking posts/comments against Akismet for spam filtering/blocking.


  • They host the comments.
  • Googlebot can't find the comments. I'm missing a SEO chance without comments
  • ajaxation = fewer pageviews = lower alexa scores...
  • I don't think you can link to a specific comment...
  • js-kit's system doesn't seem to like my cheap-ass url format. The ? in /?post=foo confuses their brain.

Let's get the js-kit and crush3r.com folks together to mash up something calendar-y... no wait... js-kit & freebase for some semantic widgetation... no wait...

Anyway, it's a fun experiment at least. Drop me a note and we'll give this a spin.