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New Day Undone

By: Chris Greacen - 10/05/2021
Hey- Sssshh... Don't tell anyone, but we've put our new record New Day Undone onto Bandcamp before it shows up everywhere on Friday 10/8. It's just for you, so get a sneak peek! Blast it.

As you may have heard, this new record has taken the scenic route through a couple of decades to get here. We wrote a bunch of those songs in the early 00s (maybe even the later 90s?), recorded the band in our SOMA rehearsal space before blert took a long long nap.

As you probably already know, the really good things that happen are usually the result of a group of people coming together to give their best. New Day Undone is no exception - the whole band dug deep to complete these songs. We even roped Dan and Nolan into performing on "Frozener" our reprise of a tune from our last record, For Obvious Reasons.

But as you'll definitely hear, the biggest boost to this rocketship came from Tasha whose vocal performance sparked the fire that'll propel these songs into your head and heart.

We think you'll love this next incarnation of blert. If we're right about that hunch, could you do us a favor? Tell a friend about blert. You probably know someone who would dig it just as much.

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