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Vizu Survey on Netscrap.com

By: Chris Greacen - 01/08/2008
I posted the other day about NetScrap.com's 10 year birthday. As part of the preparation, I tossed together a poll to see if visitors have a preference.

The Vizu system is very easy to use to put together a poll. Click through a few forms to create questions, choices, add an image, choose colors... and poof! Vizu will spit out an embed code for your site. The poll that users see is a flash widget... which is a good idea. I think one of polldaddy's (the other big player in this space) shortcoming is the troubles that arise from the xhtml that ends up on your page. They recently rev'd their service, I'll check out polldaddy V2 sometime soon.

As for the success of the poll, Jim captured the sitchmo via IM...

jnourse: I say 'tshirts' -- my blert shirts are getting pretty tattered

EatGerbil: good call!

EatGerbil: where are we now?

jnourse: but, I'll help you write a new feature, too

EatGerbil: 12 votes!

jnourse: almost as many as dennis kuccinich

The actual launch date was 3/17/1998, which is amazing since that was St. Paddy's day. I suspect my favorite bar will be pretty jammed that night.

Stay tuned!