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Foody Weekend

By: Chris Greacen - 04/21/2008
We woke, we saw, we ate. Here are some of the highlights:

Artichokes from our garden:
The first harvest from our artichoke plant was amazing. So tender, I need to use a lighter touch steaming our next batch.

This was attempt number 2 of trying the tableside salt-baked shrimp that I saw on tv a while back. The salt-baking technique didn't work out too well, but they are SO tasty. That last picture is a bowl of the shrimp roe that we collected from some of the shrimp. My oh-so-brave daughter ate a bunch of the roe as an appetizer, saying 'mmmmmmmm'.

We got the shrimp live at Ranch 99 which is like an aquarium that does take-out to my girls.

I wish I had pictures of the waffles we made on Sunday morning...