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About Go, Do, Be.

Chris Greacen's personal blog. I'll write about Tech, Music, Mad Men, and any number of other things I'm working on.

Believe it or not, Go, Do, Be. has been around a long long time (in the early days of the internet as The Greacen Zone). I've been posting junk online since the early days. Greacen.com is a new home for these rants & rambles. This is more tumblelog than blog, but is far from a diary. So don't come here looking for dirt on my friends and family.

I hope you poke around here often. I'll drone on and on about a few topics that I'm soaking in lately: Technology crap (file work stories under this one), Food stuffs (file Wine under this one too), Photo and music action too. Of course it should all be Fun.

Also, take a peek at the rss feed if you get a chance, that'll come in handy if we're moblogging (remember that?) while trekking around the bay area.

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