Go, Do, Be.


About Go, Do, Be.

Believe it or not, Go, Do, Be. has been around a long long time (as The Greacen Zone). I've been posting junk online since the early days. Greacen.com is a new home for these rants & rambles. This is more tumblelog than blog, but is far from a diary. So don't come here looking for dirt on my friends and family.

I hope you poke around here often. I'll drone on and on about a few topics that I'm soaking in lately: Technology crap (file work stories under this one), Food stuffs (file Wine under this one too), Photo and music action too. Of course it should all be Fun.

Also, take a peek at the rss feed if you get a chance, that'll come in handy if we're moblogging while trekking around the April in Carneros festival.

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