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Jon Brion on Eli Somethingoranothers

By: Chris Greacen - 01/31/2008
So yes-- I like to give new tv shows a chance. Eli Stone premiered tonight after LOST. The promo looked a little on the silly side, but I decided to give it about 10 seconds of a chance. I've been burning the candle at all ends lately and the last thing I need is a new show.

What do you know, in the first few seconds of the show there's some soundtrack that sounds familiar & cool. I think the song that played was Jon Brion's Knock Yourself Out, which I tossed into the playlist below.

[[ was an embed here, maybe need to find a new url to include ]]

I first heard Brion with the Greys (or maybe it was just post-greys) when back in Boston. He's done some awesome stuff with Aimee Mann among others.

The covers in the playlist are kinda fun. Jon played a bunch of covers ('boys are back in town' on ukelele was awesome) when Seth & I saw him with Evan Dando many years ago in SF.

Fun! Not sure I'll catch Eli Stone again soon but I'll dust off the Brion mp3s on my drive.