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Merry Christmas!

By: Chris Greacen - 12/25/2008
I hope you are happy and healthy this holiday season. This year we went back east to my parents' home for the holidays. Highlights:

  • Great seats on the flight. Thanks Granny.
  • Snow. immediately.
  • Bethelehem was beautiful.
  • A great (though chilly) day in NYC
  • Quality cousin time.
  • A quick trip to weyerbacher.
  • Happy girls on a fun Christmas morning.
  • Wintery-mix-gate: a tin found under Jon's pillow. All the chocolate chips gone.
  • Introducing the concept of 'Anti-Santa' who comes to steal presents from under your tree. That's why Santa will occasionally wrap presents using the same wrapping paper as gifts from family members.
  • The hot water situation.
  • This year's Christmas Crusaders production.
  • The Ham-bandit.
  • Good (great) news of baby Schulman's safe arrival.
  • Good (great) news of Malone's progress.
  • cafe from cosmic.
  • E's tearful (but happy) nite-nite call from auntie L's.
  • JM's idea about picking up girls at a bar by making racy cats-cradle shapes.
  • More to come... I'll add it as we do it .

To all our bay area family and friends, we miss you and kwill see you soon.