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Song-A-Day Week 1: Awesome

By: Chris Greacen - 02/09/2009
There are songs. A bunch of them, in fact! And good ones! I'm loving it. You are all very brave and generous for being part of this. Also: It's not too late to get going. If you know anyone else interested, email me and I'll get them set up.

A few things for folks using the website:

  • I'll get the 'edit song' thing together soon. Just holler if you made a typo or mistake and I'll fixy.
  • There are two RSS feeds:
  • Has anyone tried the itunes podcast feed/link yet?
  • If you want to show off your own songs, you can link to a list of your own tunes: http://songaday.netscrap.com/songs/? scrap_owner=greacen just click your name in the (poorly placed) list on the right part of the screen.
  • Don't hesitate to backdate if you want! Or if you prefer, upload a song tonight and date it for next week. There are no rules around this.
  • The "notes/lyrics" go into the daily summary feed.
  • Yes, the list of "Tags" goes into the RSS feed.
  • In the 'All About You' section... if you set an image url for yourself, it'll soon start to appear in the itunes and podcast feeds.
  • In your Bio, use html if you want to spiff-up your 411.

Also, the facebook page was a great idea (thanks Seth!). There's an audience slowly but steadily growing there. People listening out there. I've been able to measure ~1700 streams during the first week. Not too shabby! Here's the breakdown:

156 20090203_bruce_2nd_time.mp3
106 20090201_derek_a_song_a_day.mp3
100 20090204_bruce_3rdwave.mp3
95 20090205_bruce_shouldabeenalespaul_.mp3
85 20090201_greacen_oh_hell_oh.mp3
81 20090202_derek_jury_duty.mp3
80 20090201_peter_all_that_i_can_feel.mp3
77 20090202_bruce_timesup.mp3
73 20090131_seth_the_day_before_song.mp3
72 20090203_derek_where_is_walt.mp3
72 20090203_greacen_istanbul.mp3
71 20090203_ryan_in_to_the_night.mp3
70 20090201_seth_the_best_place_in_the_world.mp3
65 20090202_greacen_2wo.mp3
65 20090203_peter_twothreeohnine.mp3
62 20090204_bruce_whatthe.mp3
60 20090202_peter_all_of_them.mp3
60 20090204_greacen_trouble_sleeping.mp3
53 20090203_ryan_sleepy_slap.mp3
51 20090203_ryan_bonsai.mp3
51 20090204_derek_disneyland.mp3
43 20090206_bruce_thank_you.mp3
41 ryan_sick_jam_as_in_seriously_not_feeling_well_today_jam.mp3
35 20090205_greacen_bring_it_back.mp3
27 20090205_derek_jury_selection.mp3
16 20090205_bruce_shouldabeenalespaul.mp3
7 20090206_greacen_put_down_that_bag_of_rocks.mp3
6 20090201_greacen_testing.mp3

Thanks for reading. I need to go mix.