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twitterfountain, fun stuff!

By: Chris Greacen - 07/16/2008
In my occasional experimentation with twitter I recently stumbled upon Twitterfountain. It's a widget-y presentation of search results from twitter and flickr. Looks like the twitter data comes from summize which was recently acquired by twitter.

One neat thing I've been doing with this is setting it to run fullscreen on a computer in public view in the office. You'll need to change the settings so the tweets arrive slowly enough and display large enough to read. I've been throwing in search terms related to products or campaigns we're working on; it's a neat way to see what people are talking about right NOW.

Unless you search for something inane like 'greacen' in which case you'll see all my tweets.

Try it with something like 'sears' or 'pepsi' or 'gofish' and you'll see that folks are talking about these brands.