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Double Surf-Swap Happiness This Weekend.

By: Chris Greacen - 05/14/2008
Two big surf swap meets this weekend. I might stop by them both if I can justify the $20 gas bill for the trip. I've never found anything worth buying at these things. I have a board project (thank you swaylocks) that needs some parts, so who knows -- maybe I'll find a finbox.

Both events are on Saturday, 5/17.

Log Shop
It's time again for the Fourth Annual Surf Gear Swap Meet - Come Buy, Sell and Trade on Saturday May 17th from 8AM to 12PM noon at the Log Shop Parking - 640 Crespi - Pacifica.

Aqua Surf Shop
2830 Sloat Blvd., across from the SF Zoo
415.242.9283 aquasurfshop.com

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