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Even More Artwork From Mad Men, Season 7 (Ted Chaough, Pete Best)

By: Chris Greacen - 08/20/2014

Here's another set of pics from Mad Men, Season 7. We've gone through just a few of the characters and their sets. There's plenty more to cover.

Ted's office in California
Ted and Pete are setting up the west coast business from this office which has a few neat pieces. There's a funky print on two of his walls which make me think about the dueling perspectives within Ted.

It's not all black & white though. What's this red thing behind his desk?

There's a (possibly?) noteworthy change in the painting that sits behind his desk too. Not sure what if anything this means for the character, maybe an emotional cooling-off? In any case it's neat to see these subtle changes.

Pete's Pad in California
This is the second piece of art that really jumped out of the background for me. I thought the colors and the form were a perfect match for Pete's energy and his role in California.

A little poking around online brought me to this painting for sale on etsy at one point. Linda Monfort, the artist has a bunch of similar large-ish abstract paintings in her store. I suspect she knows that her painting was in a few scenes, but I wonder what that's like... I'll send her a note and find out.

Next, the hero of this season (and probably the whole series) Peggy.