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Engineering... and lack of

By: Chris Greacen - 02/13/2008
Lots of new stuff to listen to on the 29 songs site, so get started! I won't link directly to songs, just go click on the player.

Bruce: what's your deal? You're getting incredible guitar tones. You're playing all over the place... hitting jan hammer, buckethead, and tbone burnett in the same week.

  • Black carpet fuzz - I loves me some fuzz. What are you using here?
  • Sunshine - really polished, nice build.
  • Smile - what am I listening to here? This sounds great.

Seth: You are cranking winners out at what, like 3 at at time? You'll have 2 years of material to refine by March at this pace.

  • you leaving - very catchy, I sang that one for a few days.
  • In fifths - fun!
  • Something on me - I love the Billy Joel vibe: "I got you right where..."
  • Simply meant... - I especially like the b section.
  • Valentine - nice, quiet, sweet lyrics... oh yeah, it's almost valentine's day isn't it.

Peter: You're in the week 2 doldrums but you can bust through!

  • This thing - you cranked that out on the fly? I love the woodwind arrangements.
  • Long Road - deep & dark.


  • Bugs - I know 30 thousand people in india who will stand up in their cubicles and cheer when they hear that song
  • Bird - roolz of course. Props for playing to the ad-lib'd a-capella vocals. Exploit those kids!
  • Anne Hamburger - It's stuck in my mind now too.
  • Microphone - You can have it if you really want it.

Derek & I had a funny chat about engineering voodoo the other day:

Chriz Greacen: one final final factoid...

Derek: k

Chriz Greacen: I'm borrowing a drum kit from tornatore.

Chriz Greacen: it sounds AMAZING.

Chriz Greacen: it's just a really nice sounding kit. something custom

Derek: how do you record vocals?

Derek: where is the mic aimed?

Derek: distance?

Chriz Greacen: http://www.drumsolo.cc/index.html

Chriz Greacen: vocals: mic aimed at my mouth

Chriz Greacen: it's about 2 feet away

Chriz Greacen: I'm standing under a surfboard

Chriz Greacen: which is right at my head level

Chriz Greacen: and right near the mic

Derek: what color surfboard?

Chriz Greacen: I wonder if that has any effect.

Chriz Greacen: it's white

Chriz Greacen: but it's in a big silver bag

Derek: is that the secret?

Chriz Greacen: and it has wax on it.

Chriz Greacen: could be!

Derek: I've tried everything, from aiming the mic at my nostrils, mouth, forhead, pointing up, down and straight on, distant, not so distant, up close, etc

Derek: I can't get any midrange. Just irritating fizzy highs and muddy lows

Chriz Greacen: I'll give you the mic to try if you want.

Chriz Greacen: I just need to get my 'real' studio truly dusted off.

Derek: it's likely my voice, but everything records that way through the mic. Maybe I don't llike my mic.

I'm uniquely unsuited for handling engineering responsibilities of any complexity because of my short attention span, lack of familiarity with the physics of sound, and penchant for shortcuts. I'm not recording engineer, but I played one on the web:

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