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What's the Greacen?

By: Chris Greacen - 01/21/2008
This blizzog is (for now, at least) named Greacen Zone, yet there's not a lot here about Greacen. This post is a brief indulgence.

Greacen is my last name, Greacen-folk are sprinkled around the world here and there.

It's not a common name. There are no kings who've had it. An artist or two (or three)claim it, a writer or two. Oh yeah, how could I forget the designer of the disposable cleaning device?

I found an odd old book written by a Greacen that I'll transcribe here at some point. I have a ton of Greacen-related music too. Where's this all gonna go? Dunno. Nowhere really, this won't become Greacen-pedia. As I come across interesting stories or factoids, I'll share.

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