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KodakGallery FINALLY integrates with the web

By: Chris Greacen - 02/08/2008
Kodak and Slide revealed their integration the other day. Now Kodak users can fill Slide widgets with photos from their albums. Yahoo!'s Flickr has always had (and continues to have) more web 2-dot-0-y choices for integrating photos, feeds, and streams of photos.

Personally I'm psyched to see this finally happen, and not just because I have a ZILLON ZIGABYTES of image data on the gallery (from the old ofoto times). Kodak has secretly had an XMI interface available on the net for years. Why didn't they want to exploit this 3 years ago? Their bandwidth costs can't be anything next to their storage costs. Seems like the surest way to lead people toward a cart (and conversion-event (print purchase)) is to have as many eyeballs as possible on the pictures.

Hopefully the Slide integration and recent Firefox plugin signal a new interest in opening up petabytes of photo data. Hopefully that lures a few old customers back to the site to dust off some of their long-forgotten photos.