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2005 Directors Cut Russian River Charonnay

By: Chris Greacen - 01/30/2008
I roasted a chicken for our Sunday night family sit-down dinner. As the cook's perrogative, I opened up a bottle of 1995 Directors Cut Russian River Chardonnay from Niebaum Coppola. I'll be completely honest with you, I bought this on sale; Cost Plus priced this wine to move. It was such a bargain I had no expectations about this wine.

Two quick observations up-front, then I'll list some details. First, this turned out to be a really solid Chardonnay hitting all the notes I like: fruit, malo, oak. Second, even next to the schmaltzy mirepoix from under my chicken the wine held up. The wine's acidity (though barely noticable in balance) shined through the rich aromatic veggies.

  • creative packaging
  • tpir: firesale
  • color: flaxen
  • a little on the sweet side
  • mild acidity
  • oaky but not overpowering
  • malolactic
  • drink now - though I need to learn more about how these traits age.

I'll go back and clean out the rest of the inventory.