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More Mercedes Love: Soup Classic Motoring

By: Chris Greacen - 10/22/2023
I've been really enjoying the videos that George Karellas have shared on his Soup Classic Motoring channel on YouTube. His lockdown restoration of a

Just watch one video and you'll get the gist -- cool music, mesmerizing narrative, clear steps for working on these things (the stop-motion disassembly is strikingly effective). How is he able to make the rebuilding of a front-end so interesting?

All of these strip-down, brush-down, repaint scenes scratch the cleaning fetish itch too. A fetish which I certainly lack -- BUT I have noticed that I'm cleaning the engine bay of my 300td more frequently.

The Irish sideshow at the end is especially magical. Watch this end-to-end if you can.

Parting thought, I think I might need to make a new 'category' for these W123 videos and photos as I think there will be more that show up on this blog.