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Song-A-Day Week 2: Still truckin'

By: Chris Greacen - 02/15/2009
We're trucking along with Song-A-Day. This is the point in the month where the daily contributors cross the 'album-length' line. For me, an album doesn't really need more than 10-14-ish songs. So if the well wasn't so damn dry I'd say that the rest of the month is gravy.

For me, it's time to turn to other instruments, other family members, more wine, plagarism... you get the idea.

I have a few comments in no particular order.


  • I'll tune into http://www.xanga.com/sethrocker a bit more. Somehow this fell out of my RSS reader.
  • Totally understand the schedule crunch. Toss in whatever half-baked ideas you want to share. This follows the 'every idea is a good idea' principle.
  • badaba works! It's a mostly-baked idea. More of these please.
  • adding the drum + background vox for Derek's song was a great idea. I think we've all heard another part that would fit in with the stuff we've heard from each other.


  • You are so prolific, it's always fun to hear your stuff.
  • I like the acoustic versions you're putting up there. Both versions of 'Thank You' are nice. The acoustic version is a treat. Did you get a microphone?
  • "Not Much" I like much.
  • "Acou" I like a bunch too.
  • I like instrumentals. Would be fun to add vox or more to one of your tracks (like Seth added to Dereks).
  • There are a few other instrumentalists this year. Can you out-Tom Tom? or out-Ryan Ryan?


  • http://bringbackcardwalker.bl ogspot.com/ has fallen out of my RSS reader too. I'll tune in there.
  • I'm glad to hear that you've roped the family into songs.
  • I disagree with your thesis presented in 'Monkeys and Clowns'. Songs that mention Monkeys can be turned cool by the mere mention of robots.
  • "Jury Selection" really works for me. Quietly angry. Totally pissed in fact. Dangerous. That's how you come across.
  • I find "Second Life" pretty damn cool.
  • "Me and the Pope" is a triumph. I'll be watching Meet the Press for the story.
  • All your recordings sound very natural and high-fi. They work well on every speaker I've used to torture my family.


  • I haven't read http://midgaardsormen.blogspot.com / much lately (also fell out fo my RSS reader), but I'll add it.
  • Short and sweet works for me.
  • "twothreeohnine" is a highlight for me for some reason. I love the mood. I think it's also because of the sound... I can hear the room.
  • I like the confessional-style of the recent lyrics.
  • I need more please. Get back to work.


  • I'm so psyched that you're doing this.
  • You are totally jamtastic
  • There's a moment in the beginning of Twilight that reminds me of a song by Rodan, but you take it in a totally different direction.
  • There are a few other instrumentalists this year. Can you out-Tom Tom? or out-Bruce Bruce?


  • Great to have your music up here this year. Vocal and guitar chops are coming through loud and clear.
  • Is Bigsby a person or a vibrato? (or a cat?) I like this one.
  • Is "Annalime" using an open tuning? Neat.
  • Are you using an amp modeler or a microphone. I like the dirty guitar sounds.
  • There are a few other instrumentalists this year. Can you out-Bruce Bruce? or out-Ryan Ryan?

If you know anyone else interested in playing along for the rest of the month, invite them over.

Finally, I made a few changes to the RSS feeds on the site. There are actually 4 feeds worth knowing about. Here's the skinny:

What sort of nefarious things can one do with feeds (nefeedarious?) like this? Well, that MRSS feed will now work with more flashy mp3 players that take RSS feeds as playlists. Like this: