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Double Double Saturday 10/7

By: Chris Greacen - 10/05/2023
My band Doubleplus Alright is doing a "double double" (animal style) on Saturday 10/7 playing two of our favorite spots in the bay area:

Two flyers for Doubleplus Alright shows on Saturday 10/7.

First, we're taking a batch of brand-new songs for a test drive at the coolest spot on the bay: the Solar Van Saturday event at Rocky's beach (aka Barkley Beach). The U.S. Navy Blue Angels will be doing their level-best to distract us while we bring the goodness. It's not just us though, some of the coolest bands around will be in the crosshairs.

Find more about the Solar Van Saturday event on the FB event.

Then that evening at Tamarack Oakland, we'll play with Da Pupz making their first appearance in a club and Cassowary who are getting back to the groove of playing live shows after a short hiatus. Fun fact, Doubleplus Alright was supposed to play at Winters Tavern at the beginning of the year but they had to drop for some personal reasons. We're psyched to make it happen now.

Find more in the FB event for the Tamarack show.