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06/29/2016  — 

Missing 1963 Bing Log

I screwed up and lost track of my old board near Trail 5 at San Onofre Bluffs campground this past weekend. Seems like it walked away. If you see this board, please let me know.


  • 9'6"
  • D-fin
  • Serial Number 2699
  • AWFUL patch-jobs on the deck
  • small rounded tail block

Though it may already be on a 747 to Tokyo, it's probably not super valuable. Hope to see this thing again...

Low rocker
D-Fin, leash hole
Split-eye Bing Logo
Tail and Belly
Bottom, patches
Serial No: 2699
More Bottom

01/13/2015  — 

Favorite Friends Episode

What's your favorite Friends episode from Season 1? Ben Roberts put them all together right here:

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10/29/2014  — 

A Wave

Big Wednesday. It happened the other day: one of those weeks where the buoy graphs are flat except for a sharp peak right in the middle of the week. Some storm from some far-off place sent a burst of energy our way, then stopped.

I got up a little late and saw that the bridge was jacked-up. After texting and sitting on the fence a while, I decided to just go and do it.

The paddle-out was TOUGH! I haven't been surfing nearly enough to be in shape. Also I don't remember exactly what happened on Tuesday night, but something I ate for dinner (or possible second-dinner) wanted to let me know that it was still hanging around.

I paddled for about 45 minutes, nearly barfed once, nearly gave up once. Somehow I was able to recover, find a little riptide and get outside (where I could sit and recover further).

Anyway, eventually I got lucky with a pretty sweet wave. I got luckier a few days later when someone pointed me to this:



08/22/2014  — 

OMG Even More Artwork From Mad Men, Season 7 (The Art Department)

I've been posting a bit (ok, a lot) about the artwork in some of this season's Mad Men episodes. This post focuses on the artwork in the Art Department. These guys are the worker-bees in the ad agency. Their space is more cluttered than the rest of the office. Most of the wall-space seems covered with work-related junk but the artwork on the walls in the Artist spaces show some bold political leanings.

The Artists Stuff
The visual artists working with Peggy have more David Wiedman hanging in their office, but these pieces are more political than the other abstract forms. "Work Smarter" (buy this one btw) and "Generals for Piece" leap out of the background.

Oh hey, get that "Scandinavian Design Black and White Star" on Zazzle or Etsy too.

Stan Rizzo
Stan's bleak apartment features big Moshe Dyan poster as the only decoration. This seems like a pretty big deal to me: Moshe Dyan is a complicated and powerful reference. I can't imagine a set decorator would choose this image without a lot of thought. The series has carefully made reference to historical events (e.g. assassinations of JFK, MLK, RFK). It's completely omitted the 6-day war in 1967. In some ways, if Don Draper could get his act together he could pull his own pre-emptive strikes against the folks surrounding him (Ted, Lou, Jim, clients? Betty? his liver?).

What do you think this brings to Stew's character or the series in general?

Oh and here's one of those posters that appeared on ebay a while back.

Next, Roger Sterling's office...

08/21/2014  — 

Holy Crap Even More Artwork From Mad Men, Season 7 (Peggy Olson)

You might be sick of this after a few days of relentless posting about the artwork in Mad Men, Series 7. There's a lot more to cover though, so get ready. While everyone was mourning the loss of Robin Williams we missed the passing of David Wiedman whose prints were all over the Sterling Cooper Draper Yadda Yadda office.

Peggy's floral prints
Peggy has plenty of screen time this season and her office seems to be a place that the set decorators chose to showcase several pieces from David Weidman. These prints and the story behind them are pretty well-known having been featured in a few LA Times articles.

I love the color and forms in these prints -- so much fun. Once I tuned-in to the artist and his catalog, I started seeing them all over the place. You'll see them in the Artists Office and outside Roger Sterling's office.

Peggy was sporting a Saul Bass poster from the Second NY Film Festival at Lincoln Center (September 14-26, 1964). If you dig around, you can probably find one for sale.

Peggy redecorates her office at some point in the season and the emphasis seems to shift toward these smaller prints. Some still from David Wiedman.

Peggy's apartment like most of the living spaces is pretty drab. She has more of these sunflower shapes and other floral forms at home.

Next, the rest of the Art Department.

08/20/2014  — 

Even More Artwork From Mad Men, Season 7 (Ted Chaough, Pete Best)

08/19/2014  — 

More Artwork From Mad Men, Season 7 (Don Draper, Jim Cutler)

08/18/2014  — 

Artwork Seen In Mad Men, Season 7

05/06/2014  — 

Chrissy Tomasco and the 2014 Overnight Walk

01/16/2014  — 

2013 Overheards and Observeds

12/27/2013  — 

A wave

10/22/2013  — 

A wave

09/25/2013  — 

Instagram Embed Test

03/28/2013  — 

Surfing on Easter Sunday

12/20/2012  — 

2012 Overheards and Observeds

08/16/2012  — 

Nuclear Stuffs

03/16/2012  — 

RSS Feeds To Follow

10/23/2009  — 

Shopping for Used Surfboards

09/28/2009  — 

Story of a Surfboard: SF Green Ten-Footer

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Story of a Surfboard: 1963 Bing

09/05/2009  — 

Dings With Stories

12/25/2008  — 

Merry Christmas!

12/19/2008  — 

FOTC Season II

12/06/2008  — 

Mad Scientist

12/05/2008  — 

The Magic of Surf

12/03/2008  — 

Blert, A Zeen

10/02/2008  — 

Time To Take A Stand

09/18/2008  — 

Skate or die

08/21/2008  — 

Blog Action Day 2008: Poverty

07/29/2008  — 

No Effing Way

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The horror of AOL

06/25/2008  — 

Fun with Wordle

06/12/2008  — 

Ryan & Chris score surfings hat trick.

05/28/2008  — 

Drunk Goldblum Meme

05/15/2008  — 

Linda Mar Extreeeem #2

05/14/2008  — 

Double Surf-Swap Happiness This Weekend.

05/07/2008  — 

Hello, my name is Stud

05/01/2008  — 

Geo Quiz

04/24/2008  — 

All-Time Favorite Commercial

04/17/2008  — 

Greacens in the news again...

04/17/2008  — 

Effing greatest video effer.

04/16/2008  — 

All time favorite video

04/15/2008  — 

Robert Greacen Dies at 87

04/09/2008  — 

SF's fleaflicker works, crowds duped

03/17/2008  — 

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

01/28/2008  — 

Break-ins at Lafayette BART Station

01/23/2008  — 

The horror of the Hayward fault

01/21/2008  — 

What's the Greacen?

01/18/2008  — 

CC, the Casual Carpool

01/12/2008  — 

Mavericks today!

01/10/2008  — 

Today, I am Sven

01/01/2008  — 

Happy 08!

12/25/2007  — 

Merry X-Mas!

04/05/2006  — 

Sonoma Bikeride