Go, Do, Be.


2013 Overheards and Observeds

By: Chris Greacen - 01/16/2014
From my twitter and stokereport.com activity:

  • Overheard: "I am not a figurine collector."
  • Overheard: "we are fully committed."
  • Overheard: "Android Justice."
  • Overheard: "I live to increase your complexity."
  • Overheard: "gravity is proven technology"
  • Overheard: "he blogged his way into her heart."
  • Overheard: "It's a rebelution!"
  • Overheard: "tempo schmempo" #hellomanatee cc @manateebayarea
  • Overheard: "Theo-fauvism"
  • Overheard: "we want to do it right or not at all."
  • Overheard: "i love Taxes" http://instagram.com/p/fQbffdlSRw/
  • Overheard: "twiddle the boogie" #hellomanatee
  • Overheard: "The road to World-Class goes through a town called 'Sucks Less'."
  • Overheard: "The Answer is Beer." cc @citybeerstore
  • Overheard: "your mom"
  • Overheard: "musicians are like people" #filmage
  • Overheard: "a rail-gun, combined with the Concord, combined with air hockey."
  • Overheard: "What rhymes with 'Cheney'?" #hellomanatee
  • Overheard: "It sounds like a love song but it's about drone strikes." #hellomanatee
  • Overheard: "Are these your goats?"
  • Overheard: "Naughty, but Squareback"
  • Overheard: "up-and-to-the-right is fine in most graphs except 'memory usage over time'."
  • Overheard: "It's a list of lists. Which are WORDS."
  • Overheard: "Mexican contraction."
  • Overheard: "Philip Glass? No, Throbbong Gristle."
  • Overheard "this is what you're giving up..." #wisdom #tradeoffs #consulting #decisions
  • Overheard: "darn, I'll have to hide my illicit oyster farm" #pierproblems
  • Overheard: "now I have to smell your corndog all night"
  • Overheard: "ask for it #manateestyle " #hellomanatee #listening #hellosurfclub http://instagram.com/p/Xqr5bOTBMl/
  • Overheard: "ALWAYS BE VALIDATING." #lean #labzero
  • Overheard: "Shake my left hand. It's closer to my heart."
  • Overheard: "new york's alright if you like saxophones"
  • Overheard: "an app a user and a page walk into a bar..." @facebook #labzero
  • Overheard: "some people see dead people, I hear pop songs." #songaday http://songaday.netscrap.com
  • Overheard: "rock-rock always wins" #roshammbo #sessions #hellomanatee
  • Overheard: "schnitzel-pocalypse"
  • Overheard: "human oleo crisis falling super back enjoy mile fifteen bounds theme which" #hellomanatee
  • Overheard: "fresh Jamaican ketchup"
  • Overheard: "banks suck at technology." #payfac #fintech
  • Overheard: "if you're starting a payments company, don't talk about regulatory compliance." #payfac #flyundertheradar
  • Overheard: "who knew there was money in the church?" #payfac
  • Overheard: "pork is squealing through my veins." cc @Sanguchon_SF #labzero
  • Overheard: "this song is so pro-agile"#dontgochasingwaterfalls #tlc
  • Overheard: "Synchrofusing synthetic toggle bearings." cc @darinwilson
  • Overheard: "It's been a long flu."