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More Artwork From Mad Men, Season 7 (Don Draper, Jim Cutler)

By: Chris Greacen - 08/19/2014

Here's the second set of pieces or artwork from Mad Men, Season 7. Last time I mentioned Lou's office, this week it's Don & Jim. I grouped these two characters together because they're somewhat marginalized this season.

Don Draper's office
The main piece of art that we see in Don Draper's office is an inscrutable abstract mess. This rainy day Miro-like thing doesn't offer much. I wasn't able to find anything about it online. What do you see here?

Over Don's couch is another abstract form with some bold, firey colors. I guess this is really a temporary space for Don since Lou is in his office. Maybe all these pieces were chosen by Lane Pryce when he used this office in previous seasons?

Don finds one more piece that he could hang on his wall, but instead tosses in the garbage. Lane Pryce hung this when he used the office. It kind of makes sense that the Creative Director (in absentia) has the most childish piece of art tucked away in his office. There's an incredible write-up on this piece on another site. This is just one of the period details that keeps this show so much fun.

Jim Cutler's office
This is a funny one. I this this character is a bit of an oddball in that he's often bouncing between clueless & tasteless. Nobody seems to like him much and he doesn't seem to be doing much for the organization. His dialog is usually flat, practical, and he's usually "right" from a business perspective.

Jim has a few pieces of art in his office that are worth noting. This big black & white print dominates the background in most of the scenes here.

There are a few shots that reveal these animal prints on another wall. I should have collected a few more shots to back this up, but it seems that these kind of old-fashioned animal prints show up in scenes with people who don't have good taste in art... Betty's house and many of the suburban scenes are dotted with these plates.

When I saw these prints in Jim's office, it made me wonder whether the big print behind his desk was chosen by his assistant or some office decorator. Maybe Don's office too?

We'll go to California next time to see what's going on with Ted & Pete.