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Song-a-day almost done!

By: Chris Greacen - 02/28/2008
We're almost done. I just have a few more things to upload. The whole 29 songs/days crew came over on Wednesday to listen & play some tunes (and wake up the neighbors). I'll upload those songs soon.

I REALLY had a great time chatting about music struggles & successes with folks. Couple of things I learned:

  • Peter's gear (sweet tube amps + scumbacks + vintage prs) sounds as good in person as his blog claims.
  • My If You Ever is really in 7! Even though I played drums for this I hadn't counted it out.
  • Seth rocks on bass!
  • Bruce really plays all that stuff! It's amazing!
  • The Chorus from Derek's Warriors was based on the exact way the actor delivered the line in the movie (repeated in the bizarrely authentic Warriors video game).
  • Peter puts a LOT of thought into his tunes. They still rock.
  • A few folks noticed my bird on some of my recordings. Bruce claims that he buried some sounds in a bunch of his recordings. Listen with headphones.
  • Seth's been focusing his songwriting on soundtracks, he got his pop- song-hat back on just for this month.

Here's everything so far.

Take a listen!