Go, Do, Be.


12/25/2008  — 

Merry Christmas!

I hope you are happy and healthy this holiday season. This year we went back east to my parents' home for the holidays. Highlights:

  • Great seats on the flight. Thanks Granny.
  • Snow. immediately.
  • Bethelehem was beautiful.
  • A great (though chilly) day in NYC
  • Quality cousin time.
  • A quick trip to weyerbacher.
  • Happy girls on a fun Christmas morning.
  • Wintery-mix-gate: a tin found under Jon's pillow. All the chocolate chips gone.
  • Introducing the concept of 'Anti-Santa' who comes to steal presents from under your tree. That's why Santa will occasionally wrap presents using the same wrapping paper as gifts from family members.
  • The hot water situation.
  • This year's Christmas Crusaders production.
  • The Ham-bandit.
  • Good (great) news of baby Schulman's safe arrival.
  • Good (great) news of Malone's progress.
  • cafe from cosmic.
  • E's tearful (but happy) nite-nite call from auntie L's.
  • JM's idea about picking up girls at a bar by making racy cats-cradle shapes.
  • More to come... I'll add it as we do it .

To all our bay area family and friends, we miss you and kwill see you soon.

11/26/2007  — 

Daniel Boulud on Mojo

We've been religiously watching the second season of After Hours with Daniel Boulud after our Sunday-night sit-down dinners with friends. The celebrity cocktail-party chit-chat mixes perfectly with Kitchen Confidential-esque stories from James beard award winning chefs and Chef Boulud's masterpieces.

While some eaters debate about the merits of apps vs. entrees Boulud's mastery of large-format dishes is refreshing. Think: whole lamb (butchered and trussed to ensure even cooking) carved tableside, tete de'vaux, all produced from scratch, from memory -- no cookbooks on these counters.

In Season 1 Daniel introduced us to restaurants and friends in New York. Season 2 is all about LA. Most of the this season's chefs have worked for DB at some point in their careers. Season 2's menus seem to go above and beyond most of the New York episodes (except maybe the season 1 finale).

I can't wait to try Michael Cimarusti's salt-cooked shrimp dish sometime soon: table side preparation of fresh shrimp buried in 500 degree salt and fresh herbs. See Russ Parsons' description in the LA Times. I can't wait to have some budget to throw at a trip to visit some of these places.

Whether you're in the biz or are a diner, if you're into 'da foodz' you'll want to throw down the $$$ for a HD Plasma and upgrade your cable. Check out the vids on the mojo site. There should be 1 full episode and a few selected scenes.