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01/02/2021  — 

This damn site

Well it had to happen eventually, I updated this website. It's been basically untouched since 1998 - built with frigging Cold Fusion running on top of an Access database. It would have run forever if it wasn't for a few dumb problems - unsanitized queries, a couple of runaway processes that the ISP is certain that my lazy queries caused (and may have brought down other people's websites).

Well heck - I don't want to be a bad neighbor or customer, so I bit the bullet and updated the database. So THAT's why the site has been up & down lately.

Spoiler alert: it'll go down a bunch more before it's all done. SORRY!

02/17/2015  — 

Leftovers from MP3 Compression

Following on my last video/sound noise post, I came across this one. The artist basically subtracted the MP3 data from a "full resolution" version of Tom's Diner. What's left is the stuff-- the signal-- the MUSIC that is lost in the process of creating a MP3.

What he ends up with is what I hear in my head most of the time. A video artist applied a similar process to the video portion...

More here: https://vimeo.com/107845118

moDernisT_v1 from Ryan Maguire

Ok, here's the original:

04/17/2008  — 

AdTech: Widgets and Gadgets

Just caught an interesting panel discussion on 'widgets and gadgets' at AdTech. Jeremiah Owyang moderated the panel, here are a few comments.

AdTech: Widgets and Gadgets Oh My!

Jeremiah Owyang from Forrester Research

  • On the Facebook platform: fish where the fish are
  • But not all widgets are successful!
  • How many Facebook widgets have business utility?

Hooman Radfar from Clearspring:

  • Need to understand that widgets have different uses:
    • Public vs. Private consumption
    • Browser vs. Desktop
    • Social vs. Not
  • This (widgets) is a platform
  • Success metrics are tricky to identify. Treat it as a web channel.
  • Cross platform compatibility and measurement is tricky (e.g. Netvibes had no uptake/usage data until recently)
  • Challenge: it's a new medium. Old approaches don't always apply.

Kent Schoen from Facebook:

  • "we call these applications"
  • open up the field to allow other folks to design/deliver engaging interaction
  • what do you want to get out of your application?
  • Yes, the net is bigger than your site. Get your brand out there.
  • Success depends on how you define it: reach, interactivity, installs, active users on some regular interval.
  • Examples: Trip Advisor's map.. NYTimes quiz. Branded show & tell about the user.
  • Success is: something that provides value.

Jane Felice from ComScore

  • reach matters, we measure reach
  • measurement is still evolving
    • some function of repeat people over some number of days viewed
    • started with tracking SWF (flash) files, moved toward Facebook, just starting to measure javascript.
  • we can report on views, can't report on perceived value.
  • FREE: tag your widget in a certain way and we'll report on it.

Ed Davis from ESPN

  • 'the internet is our playground'
  • widgets are inventory
  • It only works if people like what you're doing. You need to see the viral usage which happens when simple useful things are found valuable.
  • low barrier to entry: try things out!
  • Monetize: drive awareness for other ESPN offers
  • SEO lift is another amazing benefit from a rich widget offering
  • For us, more frequent data updates (scores) helped drive the uptake of our widgets
  • Uptake is like an impulse-purchase

Folks agree that valuable widgets tended to be successful, but couldn't really describe anything specific about what tends to constitute value. Seems also like these folks are struggling to define ways to measure the elusive 'engagement' metric that folks have been writing about recently.

01/31/2008  — 

29 Songs Starts!

We're doin it. Tomorrow.

I'll put a page (and maybe that js-kit forum (yes techcrunch nerds, I'm lazy)) at http://29.netscrap.com to track the progress.

At this point Derek, Seth, Peter, and possibly Mark will join me on a quest toward sketchyness: sketching out song ideas and recording them every day for the month of February.

Seth took the first splash last night:

I decided to see what this was going to be like tonight. It took longer than I thought, but I wrote, recorded, and uploaded a song ... not to the netscrap site because it's not yet February :) but to myspace : http://www.myspace.com/thesethfr eeman - check it out. I don't think I'll be putting in 3 hours every day on this so I'll probably end up with more simple / unfinished idea-type songs for most of the month :)

Derek responded:

Oh man, that's a great song, Seth. It sets the bar impossibly high.

You can beat that Derek! Beat it!

01/13/2008  — 

Technorati? Well, ok.

I'm checking out this technorati thing today. Let's see what this is all about.

Technorati Profile

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