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07/29/2008  — 

No Effing Way

A friend passed on a link to this trailer today. Take a peek only if you're really brave:

This reminded me of the Presidential Memorial Commission of San Francisco's attempt to rename the Oceanside Water Pollution Control Plant to the "George W Bush Sewage Plant."

Don't you think both of these efforts will backfire in about 10 years? Stone's film will end-up glorifying W., his life becomes a redemption story blazing a path for future presidents to follow. The renaming scheme will seal W's legacy as an environmental crusader who dealt with the tough problems of sewage treatment and toxic waste.

Also, where's Will Ferrel when you really need him?

01/31/2008  — 

Jon Brion on Eli Somethingoranothers

So yes-- I like to give new tv shows a chance. Eli Stone premiered tonight after LOST. The promo looked a little on the silly side, but I decided to give it about 10 seconds of a chance. I've been burning the candle at all ends lately and the last thing I need is a new show.

What do you know, in the first few seconds of the show there's some soundtrack that sounds familiar & cool. I think the song that played was Jon Brion's Knock Yourself Out, which I tossed into the playlist below.

[[ was an embed here, maybe need to find a new url to include ]]

I first heard Brion with the Greys (or maybe it was just post-greys) when back in Boston. He's done some awesome stuff with Aimee Mann among others.

The covers in the playlist are kinda fun. Jon played a bunch of covers ('boys are back in town' on ukelele was awesome) when Seth & I saw him with Evan Dando many years ago in SF.

Fun! Not sure I'll catch Eli Stone again soon but I'll dust off the Brion mp3s on my drive.