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12/26/2007  — 


The 17th annual Zinfandel Festival is set to go off on 1/23-1/26. As you can imagine, this fest is kind of a big deal here in California. Sponsored by the Zinfandel Advocates & Producers, the event attracts a large crowd of tasters as well as pourers.

It seems improbable that a single tongue could be dipped in around 270 different Zinfandels during one event, but this would be the place to try. Looks like they're spreading the winemakers across two locations within Fort Mason too.

Anyone planning to attend this year? Someone offered to get me into the Saturday event in exchange for some lines on this blizzog, but I'm not sure it'll work out. I generally prefer visiting the winemakers I want to learn more about anyway. The treasures of Sonoma, Napa, and yes Contra Costa, Amadour, Santa Cruz counties are all within reach.

04/05/2006  — 

Sonoma Bikeride

Spent the morning in Sonoma County on a family bikeride. What a great way to get the weekend started. We had just the right mix of sun & cloud: I needed some rays after our extended-play spring rain -- Amy tends to burn even under a 40 watt bulb. We both got what we needed.

One of the fun things about our Sonoma rides is the wildlife. Even with all its development, Southern Sonoma Co. remains an agricultural area. On a pleasant afternoon like today, the sun, the people, and even the animals were out looking for fun. We saw Cows, horses, sheep, goats, ponies, woodpeckers, peacocks, frogs... And not all roadkill!

Anyhoo... Nice ride, decent pizza at the shack on the square. We even went out to gunbun for a quick whine tasting before heading south. We took a slightly different road home: 80 to 4 which put us on the most picturesque part of the road: tall green rolling hills, cows, peeks & glimpses of the bay & the delta.

Eve napped on the ride home which left the rest of our day in great shape.