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04/09/2008  — 

SF's fleaflicker works, crowds duped

Somehow it worked out. The people fell for it.

The plan was to run the Olympic Torch through a gauntlet of protesters along the embarcadero. The pro-tibet and pro-chinese folks were robed in flags and ready to meet for a chant-off. The two groups met, temperatures rose, men with shaved heads pleaded for nonviolence...

Then someone said that the torch was heading up Townsend St. The crowded headed off the Embarcadero.

Then someone said that the torch was being taken from McCovey Cove to the Ferry Building by boat, then a runner would run toward Bay St. The crowds turned and headed toward the Ferry Building.

THEN it turns out that the torch was whisked toward Van Ness by bus. The runner jogged unnoticed into a convenience store, bought a pack of cigarettes and jogged on. All the protesters (and the unfortunate few who just wanted to see the torch) fell for it.

Paige & David got all the good shots.

Some fun things noticed along the way:

  • When in doubt, follow the police choppers
  • How did the flashmob fail?
  • Lots of cameras everywhere
  • The Darfur folks all in green
  • The guys chanting for the Golden State Warriors
  • We missed our chance for millions: should have rented a hotdog stand for the day to sell 'doggie lamas'

01/18/2008  — 

CC, the Casual Carpool

I've been commuting into San Francisco from the 'burbs for the past few years. I'm in the 'bridge and tunnel' set -- a moniker that references two of the worst hazards in the bay area. As commutes go it's not the worst in the world but it has little to celebrate between the time spent, cost, and carbon footprint.

At least I have options. The bart reaches my town. One unanticipated option is the Casual Carpool. Using CC, a driver can pick up two riders and get into the carpool lane in the bridge. Riders & driver benefit.

I heard about the CC a while ago; I heard about the rules:

  • The carpool is free
  • Keep the chitchat to a minimum
  • Keep the radio low
  • No coffee in the car
  • Drivers, keep your car clean
  • The driver decides the route

Which as it turns out, is pretty close to the 'official rules and etiquette'. I've met some nice folks from my neighborhood and learned some handy shortcuts on the way to the city.

Find a CC pickup location near you and give it a try sometime.

12/26/2007  — 


The 17th annual Zinfandel Festival is set to go off on 1/23-1/26. As you can imagine, this fest is kind of a big deal here in California. Sponsored by the Zinfandel Advocates & Producers, the event attracts a large crowd of tasters as well as pourers.

It seems improbable that a single tongue could be dipped in around 270 different Zinfandels during one event, but this would be the place to try. Looks like they're spreading the winemakers across two locations within Fort Mason too.

Anyone planning to attend this year? Someone offered to get me into the Saturday event in exchange for some lines on this blizzog, but I'm not sure it'll work out. I generally prefer visiting the winemakers I want to learn more about anyway. The treasures of Sonoma, Napa, and yes Contra Costa, Amadour, Santa Cruz counties are all within reach.