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08/19/2014  — 

More Artwork From Mad Men, Season 7 (Don Draper, Jim Cutler)

Here's the second set of pieces or artwork from Mad Men, Season 7. Last time I mentioned Lou's office, this week it's Don & Jim. I grouped these two characters together because they're somewhat marginalized this season.

Don Draper's office
The main piece of art that we see in Don Draper's office is an inscrutable abstract mess. This rainy day Miro-like thing doesn't offer much. I wasn't able to find anything about it online. What do you see here?

Over Don's couch is another abstract form with some bold, firey colors. I guess this is really a temporary space for Don since Lou is in his office. Maybe all these pieces were chosen by Lane Pryce when he used this office in previous seasons?

Don finds one more piece that he could hang on his wall, but instead tosses in the garbage. Lane Pryce hung this when he used the office. It kind of makes sense that the Creative Director (in absentia) has the most childish piece of art tucked away in his office. There's an incredible write-up on this piece on another site. This is just one of the period details that keeps this show so much fun.

Jim Cutler's office
This is a funny one. I this this character is a bit of an oddball in that he's often bouncing between clueless & tasteless. Nobody seems to like him much and he doesn't seem to be doing much for the organization. His dialog is usually flat, practical, and he's usually "right" from a business- perspective.

Jim has a few pieces of art in his office that are worth noting. This big black & white print dominates the background in most of the scenes here.

There are a few shots that reveal these animal prints on another wall. I should have collected a few more shots to back this up, but it seems that these kind of old-fashioned animal prints show up in scenes with people who don't have good taste in art... Betty's house and many of the suburban scenes are dotted with these plates.

When I saw these prints in Jim's office, it made me wonder whether the big print behind his desk was chosen by his assistant or some office decorator. Maybe Don's office too?

We'll go to California next time to see what's going on with Ted & Pete.

12/04/2008  — 

The Darjeeling LTD. Tunes

I caught a few minutes of Darjeeling Limited again the other night. I love it.

Wes Anderson projects usually rock a pretty decent soundtrack. Even the traditional Indian tracks are a lot of fun. Here's an (incomplete) sample...

SeeqPod - Playable Search

Go buy the movie or the soundtrack.

08/20/2008  — 

Digsby will change the way you communicate online

Really. It will.

Digsby IM client r00lz Digsby is a multi-im client along the lines of Trillian, Pidgin, and the Meebo. Use Digsby to organize your IM chatter. Through a single application/interface, you can ping all your friends on the big IM services (AIM, YIM, MSN, GTalk, ICQ, Jabber). They kick it up a few notches by supporting Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace social services. They kick it up another notch by supporting email as well: gmail, ymail, msnmail, pop, imap accounts.

Updates and notifications from all these services arrive on the desktop in bubbly status messages that appear even if Digsby is minimized. You can even reply to a message by typing in the status bubble.

Digsby IM client status messages

I love the way this blurs the boundaries between all these communication channels. A message could arrive from a person (who cares how it got here), my reply bounces back through the same channel.

Here's another way Digsby is pushing envelopes with their service. A few clicks will let you set up a widget that you can embed in your various web-hangouts, blogs, facebook account, etc.

Digsby does a stellar job of running their project with transparency and input from their users. They've managed to build a close relationship with an active user community by using all the social resources available. They go far beyond the requisite blog (even if they brag about the strange bugs that turn up in their public testing cycles). Users have a channel to reach Digsby via twitter, to get involved with an active developer community (also on twitter incidentally). The steady drumbeat of prioritization from regular public roadmap polls has kept Digsby on track to satisfy users. On top of all this, they've built in a great alert/warning system that lets folks at digsbyhq push status message out to all users ('twitter is having trouble today').

Kudos to their team involved with support and outreach. If I were running a customer-facing service, I'd likely use Digsby to manage the customer contacts. I wonder if they're eating their own dogfood over there at digsbyhq?

There are a few caveats of course. Because what software is perfect? Digsby does not yet support IRC or Skype chats. As far as I can see, the multi or 'room' chat features aren't supported on any of the IM services. All of these features are on their roadmap.

Digsby is ready for primetime and worth a try.

06/26/2008  — 

The horror of AOL

While researching something for work I accidentally ended up on AOL's homepage. You'll be as shocked as I was to see a photo of the decaying Don Imus right there, smack-dab in the middle.

Don Imus on AOL. What were they thinking?

Can you imagine that morning editorial meeting:

  • Editor: "which stories will make the main promo section?"
  • Pimply intern: "that tales-from-the-crypt dude should go there"
  • Editor: "Good Idea that will help our comscore numbers"

Note the similarity to the last time I came across this chilling visual on the web:

Unstable Hayward Fault or Don Imus, which is worse?

And of course the similarity to this guy:

Don Imus on AOL. What were they thinking?

05/29/2008  — 

Even More Shrimps...

I happened to click over to hulu while doing some research on video players for work and came across the scene I described in earlier posts, begged the chef for some 411, and tried replicating multiple times.

Take a peek at this dish from Providence on After Hours..

04/24/2008  — 

All-Time Favorite Commercial

04/21/2008  — 

Foody Weekend

02/08/2008  — 

KodakGallery FINALLY integrates with the web

01/23/2008  — 

The horror of the Hayward fault

01/09/2008  — 

Caffe Trieste in SOMA is the place

12/26/2007  — 

A letter to Michael Cimarusti

11/26/2007  — 

Daniel Boulud on Mojo

04/10/2006  — 

Salento Primitivo