Go, Do, Be.


06/27/2008  — 

Post 1000

I started putting notes onto this blog about 6 months ago. From where I sit: so far, so good. I've found some fun topics to play with. A few posts have even gotten some attention (visits).

Though I enjoy writing these short-attenion-span notes, I certainly haven't published 1000 posts. Here's what's going on:

The greacen zone runs on the netscrap.com publishing system. Netscrap has a few hundred posts already, thus the high numbers.

The fruit blog also runs on this jalopey.

What's the publishing system? If you've been reading, you already know that it's heart and soul is zombie technology. The netcrap.com publishing system is buggy, but it's super- efficient. Check out this month's netscrap.com comscore numbers if you doubt.

Where's this going? No idea. Isn't that exciting? Just like several of the startups I've worked for. At this point I'm considering tossing the publishing platform's core onto google code under the MSL just like I did with bashWebTest.

some thoughts:

  • anyone interested in a platform like this? I suspect not. Correct me.
  • what would a good codename or project name be? "NetScrap" might even work. Or "The NetScrap Platform" or "The NetScrap Thing"
  • anyone have a better way of handling urls with zombie technology? I looked around a little bit, but couldn't find anything useful. I'm familiar with mapping scripts to 404 actions... I may take a stab at this during some lull.
  • Syndication experiments have been fun: thanks for all the facebook clickthroughs. I'll probably work some more involved rss-streaming into this thing.

Thanks for reading!

02/19/2008  — 

Still playing catchup

I'm still playing catchup with the 29 Songs project this week. We have a lot going on in the Greacen household these days so I'm grateful to have a few contiguous minutes to toss some ideas around the studio. Last night I tossed 3 song ideas up there.

  • ding ding dong - this is another mini part I've been playing around with for a little while. I started playing this with ding ding ding as part of an imaginary soundtrack to an imaginary podcast (which still could happen). I'll write a few more variations, pick one as the theme, then use the rest as intros and outtros for sections of the program.
  • nude you up - is a phrase I picked up somewhere along the line, spoken by a mother preparing her daughter for a bath. When I said it before tossing Eve in the tub, Amy laughed and said 'there's your song'. Yes, I listened to Hall & Oates and Flight Of The Conchords in the hours preceding the recording. As it turns out, I am clueless about using effects on guitars. I had a few to play with during the post-college time in Boston, but I've learned that I'm kind of a chaotic purist about just playing what I want to hear (ironic given the limits of my technique).
  • valentines - I started this one by recording the drums without a song, riff, or melody in mind. I threw down guitars & bass afterward and let the song stew in its juices for a few days. By the time I got around to working on it again, it was Valentines Day so I figured it was only fair to offer this up to the holiday godzes.

I have one more tune in the pipeline that I'll try to launch tonight. It was just getting too late for drums last night.