Eve Elizabeth Greacen

born 12/16/2002

Birth Shots
Eve's entry into this world. 12/16/2002 8pm Some early shots of the girl. Some of our TV habits too.
Eve finally comes home.
Eve: Faces
Morning Walks to the Cafe
On a walk to Coit Tower
Eve with Visitors
Nourse Visit 03
LBI trip Eve at Tahoe wedding
At a baby shower
Nourse Visit 01
Nourse Visit 02 Eve & Daddy drink beer at moms group
Hanging with Daddy
Eve's blue afternoon Eve's first tooth hatched
Good morning!
Fashion Shots
Eve's fatso fashion
Just for Fun
Eve meets the robots
Artsy Hand-shots Eve's first appearance onstage
Having fun with Emma's Exersaucer Bath time!
Playing on the floor with mamma Eve meets Cthulu