Go, Do, Be.


03/04/2008  — 

29 done...

Maybe I should toss these into my last post about the get-together. Just a few mire words on this before I return to posts about vertical ad networks, qa and the like.

I didn't really make it to 29 songs as planned, but I'm ok with it. I have at least 10 (ok, maybe 6) decent songs to refine which is way more than what I had at the start of the month.

I uploaded a bunch of tunes from the wrap party to the 29 site (finally). I have stereo versions of the full band experience. Email me if you're desperate to hear those recordings (then please turn yourself in to the kookoo police).

Soon I'll lock down the files that make up the 29.netscrap.com site. Derek's comment about keeping the record of the month in tact is right on. I'll move those things somewhere else. The site will continue to work of course. In fact, it needs a few changes.... Gotta have better control of the player:

  • play in order (as opposed to random)
  • play a single artist if you want
  • play a single song if you want
  • make it easy to embed all of these into other internets.

So what's next? I'll be spending some make-up time with the fam (and work) in the meantime. I also need to rehab my leg which was bonked one recent Saturday when I should have been finishing some songs. After that? I learned that I like recording tunes and I need to keep rolling with this. I learned that my main blockage with songwriting is more in the commitment department than the execution (except maybe the verboligization that accompanies the rock guitar). Even if it's just a slow simmer of experimentation, I need music to be happening. Maybe some 29'ers will get together to jam. Maybe we'll get to collaborate in each others studio to help get Greenberg's recordings recordings LOUDER... I DEFINITELY need to thaw out and finish a few blert songs that haven't been heard by many. Maybe I need to launch http://52.netscrap.com to be home of our new song-a-week lifestyle.

Who's in?

02/28/2008  — 

Song-a-day almost done!

We're almost done. I just have a few more things to upload. The whole 29 songs/days crew came over on Wednesday to listen & play some tunes (and wake up the neighbors). I'll upload those songs soon.

I REALLY had a great time chatting about music struggles & successes with folks. Couple of things I learned:

  • Peter's gear (sweet tube amps + scumbacks + vintage prs) sounds as good in person as his blog claims.
  • My If You Ever is really in 7! Even though I played drums for this I hadn't counted it out.
  • Seth rocks on bass!
  • Bruce really plays all that stuff! It's amazing!
  • The Chorus from Derek's Warriors was based on the exact way the actor delivered the line in the movie (repeated in the bizarrely authentic Warriors video game).
  • Peter puts a LOT of thought into his tunes. They still rock.
  • A few folks noticed my bird on some of my recordings. Bruce claims that he buried some sounds in a bunch of his recordings. Listen with headphones.
  • Seth's been focusing his songwriting on soundtracks, he got his pop- song-hat back on just for this month.

Here's everything so far.

Take a listen!

02/25/2008  — 

I can see the light!

We're getting near the end of February and the 29 Songs project. We're planning on having a get-together this week to listen to or play a few songs in my garage. Email me if you want to come by. Wow, what have you missed?

  • Creeps Out - is a ditty about a guy I saw on the bart. He looked like the usual nerd commuter until he started blathering about some nonsense. This promptly made everyone around him get up, move to the other end of the car, and call the cops.
  • love - so everyone else was doing it, banging out these love songs. Now, if you know me (and if you're reading this you probably do) you know that the verbal arts do not come easily. I am but a brown belt in verbissitude. Anyway, I always loved the direct allular intensity of Decendents' "ALL", so I borrowed it. That and the 'one love' from Bob.
  • digberg - is a pet name for Ginger. I put the rhythm together on the bart ride home, recorded the noise around it and fell asleep before I could deal with anything lyrical.
  • the day - well. This isn't really a ballad, but that's what I was shooting for. I completely stole some harmonic thing that I used to play on piano. What was that stuff? I'll find out.
  • that girl with brown hair - more lyrical help from Eve. We were playing with polly pockets. Eve's a little aggressive about determining the rules of our doll playing. Tonight, I had to be 2 girls who saw her girl, didn't know who it was, and had to figure it out. Eve gave me some clues, "She looks like she's been to Spain and France."
  • break it down - More from the rockpile. What was I thinking? Dunno. I started writing this on the bass, I was thinking about Jawbox. The rest falls a little flat, but it's fun. I made the lyrics up on the fly and just recorded with a SM58 because I was too lazy to set up the condenser mic. The rest of the Engineering (and playing for that matter) is all Greacen formula. Have I spelled this out? Should I?
  • nu - (not to be confused with nude you up) It's a riff I was playing on the acoustic guitar for a few days. Boy I wish I could keep a consistent tempo when I toss these out. I think I poured on the distortion a little too thick on this take, but it was fun. I gave myself 2 minutes to write something down lyrically, which seems to have helped the sitchmo. Used the SM58 again due to lazyness.

Why all the rock, Chris? In all, I think I'm taking a slight (I like creeps out) quality nosedive, but what I lack in quality (and variety for that matter) I'm trying to make up for with VOLUME. Also, that kinda comes easy to me. The wall of sound comes easier than writing a clever or pretty lyric.

Peter brought up a great idea about trying to get these tunes into the hands of similarly masochistic filmmakers for a 31 films in march marathon. Who do we talk to about that?

02/19/2008  — 

Still playing catchup

I'm still playing catchup with the 29 Songs project this week. We have a lot going on in the Greacen household these days so I'm grateful to have a few contiguous minutes to toss some ideas around the studio. Last night I tossed 3 song ideas up there.

  • ding ding dong - this is another mini part I've been playing around with for a little while. I started playing this with ding ding ding as part of an imaginary soundtrack to an imaginary podcast (which still could happen). I'll write a few more variations, pick one as the theme, then use the rest as intros and outtros for sections of the program.
  • nude you up - is a phrase I picked up somewhere along the line, spoken by a mother preparing her daughter for a bath. When I said it before tossing Eve in the tub, Amy laughed and said 'there's your song'. Yes, I listened to Hall & Oates and Flight Of The Conchords in the hours preceding the recording. As it turns out, I am clueless about using effects on guitars. I had a few to play with during the post-college time in Boston, but I've learned that I'm kind of a chaotic purist about just playing what I want to hear (ironic given the limits of my technique).
  • valentines - I started this one by recording the drums without a song, riff, or melody in mind. I threw down guitars & bass afterward and let the song stew in its juices for a few days. By the time I got around to working on it again, it was Valentines Day so I figured it was only fair to offer this up to the holiday godzes.

I have one more tune in the pipeline that I'll try to launch tonight. It was just getting too late for drums last night.