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02/07/2008  — 

29 Songs: Day 4,5,6:

I offer a few recordings tonight: Sing the wolf song is to the lyrics that eve wrote me the other day. Apologies in advance if you listen with dogs in earshot. I added a few more tonight since Eve & I were sitting around with the mic on. We recorded "Always on the Sunnyside" which is something she sings at school, you're supposed to tell some kind of joke in the breaks... something I screwed up of course. This led us toward the banana knock-knock, which I also screwed up horribly.

Last night's tune 'i had nothing' was recorded at a rehearsal space with my bandmates (weekly jam-mates?). I basically said, "When I hit record, just start playing." woomp! there it is.

Thanks a bunch for all the notes you've sent me on these things.

Finally, I updated that web page. It's a klunker, but:

  • you can get to everything without digging through directories
  • you can listen to everything through the doodad.
  • the feeds will let you get a ping if there's a new tune.

I think I'm somewhat caught up on the listening now.


  • porches is just getting uploaded now. Really nice. I'll spin this a few more times tomorrow.
  • migrain my brain is severly migrating my brain right now. Please tell me there was some loopation involved in that. The micro hemiola in the hectic part might induce seizures.
  • wallevatoR nice touch here. I like the mood.
  • silence is not too slient with that guitar erupting over there. Neat!
  • thoughts almost takes off in a lee ranaldo direction. I like it. This made a great first impression.


  • Thanks for putting that itunes doodad together today, if the RSS thing I responded with won't work to pull in the latestgreatest, let me know and I'll cook up a dynamical version of your xml file.
  • the biggest risk is great. I like the way the energy kind of goes from 0-60 in the prechorus. Also, nice organ moment, I missed that first time around.
  • eve had a comment on decelerating repetition: 'that's not funny' when I played it for her right before bedtime.
  • free from me is so nice. isn't it amazing how just an additional vocal track can kick up a demo recording?
  • Also, sweet & flavorful AND in my right time AND the plan in the same upload pile? wow. send more, what are you waiting for?


  • I'm in touch with your blog. I enjoy catching the recording detailz over there. I'm not really making too much of an effort to engineer any of my recordings. I'll start to pay a little more attention to this and put some factoids together.
  • Lyudmila works! Is that a love song about this betty?
  • I enjoyed statement of too. It comes across as very thought-out and deliberate.


  • It's been a treat to hear these gems. I mentioned this to you in an IM the other day, but I'll mention it here for the groop: Your recordings are so hi-fi! In a rush, I downloaded bakersfield to my phone while I was on the bart. I listened to it on the .5 inch speaker and wow... I heard all the backup vocals even...
  • down the hole- I love it. It's serious! I don't think I've heard you open up like that before! Beautiful.

02/05/2008  — 

29 Songs: Day 3: More To Come

So I flaked out a little tonight. I was under a schedule crunch today... so I dealt with it through some guitar crunch: partial rock, maybe I'll finish off Drums & Vox along with another song on another day. Here's something... zvex nano head in the house! More to Come

A few other notes on the recent gems:

  • Derek- Bakersfield -- makes me want to hop on the 99 and head south. Way to go! Ruby On Rails makes me want to get this java crap out of my life. I think the ROR folks will go nuts about this one.
  • Seth: better or worse -- We were all singing along with this one at breakfast. Amazingly catchy.
  • Peter: I haven't heard Discipline (I lack) yet. I like Malice and Caprice more with each listen.
  • Bruce: Thoughts and Silence -- I haven't spun your tracks yet, but I'll send some notes when I get to it.

02/04/2008  — 

29 Songs: Day 3: If Yes, Then No

Ok, so technically my 2/3 entry arrived on 2/4. But it's there. I was too beat to drop in the rippin' guitar solo in the 3rd verse so please imagine something good.

Website housekeeping note: I moved everyone's ftp directories from /29/you to /29/players/you. I'll delete the other directories soon. This will help with a page that will do automatic updation as the files come in.

Seth + Peter: I too am really digging listening to everyone's songs. I can't express how psyched I am that youses (an EXTREMELY talented bunch) are kookoo enough to try this with me.

This week will be tough! It'll be our first time balancing this with work. Anytime you sit down to write, try writing two. Have a few ideas in your back pocket for those time crunches. Also, no penalties awarded for digging up something a few years old too.

Speaking of a few years old -- when I told eve about this she was interested in helping. She asked me to transcribe a song she wrote which I'll try to put to music on 2/6:


Finally, Michael Tornatore dropped off a drum kit today, a loaner for the month. I didn't have a chance to use it yet but I'll likely switch from recording exclusively on the laptop to start using my 'studio' (finally) which means some elec-trific-o-rock-i-fication in my (and therefore your) near future.

Good luck this week!

02/02/2008  — 

29 Songs: Day 2: On The Other Side

I probably should be writing songs about rain today, but instead I had some quality time with Ginger, who turned 1. The moment she went to sleep, all attention went to you-know-what (no, not a bottle of wine (this time)) and 'On The Other Side' came to me.

Sure it's barely demo quality, lyrics are jumbled and someewhere between pointless and sketchy... I still kinda like it. Like yesterday's, I'm wishing that I had my drums handy, I think it would be fun to work out the rhythms for these tunes.

I wasn't the only one who was in the studio on Saturday.

  • Seth: I Am Now -- Wow, Seth goes for the 'whole band' recording. And it's catchy!
  • Peter: Call This Song -- I like it! Clever! I like the 'use the song to deal with the songwriting' form (like Derek's) too.
  • Me: On The Other Side -- This came from nothing at all today. Yes, I noticed there's still a thin line between it and nothing at all.

Plus, I have ideas for the next 3 songs. Hopefully, I can trend toward completing a song a little earlier in the day.

Also, I've been really lame about putting a page on http://29.netscrap.com. I think I may need to move the directories containing mp3s on http://29.netscrap.com to make it easier for the web page to update itself. Yeah, I don't do code pushes for content updates if I can help it.

If you link to a song there... you may get an email from me about updating it.

Lastly: 6 more weeks of winter? Phil, you're killing me. Oh yeah, that and Supabowl tomorrow!

02/01/2008  — 

29 Songs: Day 1: Took To The Air


I just barely made it in before midnight. This is gonna be tough.

I came up with the verse on guitar & vocal melody idea over breakfast, but didn't get a chance to sit down and record until about 9pm. A little over 2 hours later, and 'Took To The Air' popped out. I was really itching to record drums for this one, I wish I had my kit in my garage.

Peter, there's still time! C'mon!

I recorded this on my laptop which is completely wrong for the job. Sure, I have the multitrack on there, but I was installing a mp3 codec at 11:15... Gotta get this in shape.

Also, Jim's Samson USB Mic is right for the job. Extremely handy to have this working with the laptop.

01/31/2008  — 

29 Songs Starts!