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05/10/2015  — 


New band, new songs (still playing a few old ones too), and new gigs. With Manatee on extended hiatus, Nik and I got together and noodled on a few songs. Eventually we connected with Gee (via the miracle of craigslist) and got into a groove on the songs. So here we are as Doubleplus-Alright

Wontchya hit the like button on Facebook, listen to a few songs, and come catch our shows.

Couple more teasers here:

06/05/2013  — 

Manatee gig 6/6/2013

Ahoy- we're playing a gig in Oakland on Thursday night at the Nightlight with some great bands.

Facebook event for more details: https://www.facebook.com/events/126655314205470/

Manatee at the Nightlight in Oakland on Thursday, 6/6

09/22/2008  — 

Seth Adds To His Music Store

I met Seth Freeman in Boston just before I moved out to California. We eventually reformed recorded and played as Little John in San Francisco for a few years. Seth's most recent move was to LA to pursue a career as a soundtrack composer. Seth was also a big contributor to the 29 Songs project we banged out in February.

Seth just tossed a pile of acoustic recordings onto snocap. Some of these turned up on Little John records. Take a peek in the Songs, Volume 1 section:

The Snocap service (founded by Napster's founder Shawn Fanning among others) connects musicians with the marketplace. Seth's store is a perfect example of how an artist can market, distribute, and sell work directly to consumers.

Check out Seth's site: http://sethfreemanmusic.com/ and the obligatory Myspace page.

06/27/2008  — 

Post 1000

I started putting notes onto this blog about 6 months ago. From where I sit: so far, so good. I've found some fun topics to play with. A few posts have even gotten some attention (visits).

Though I enjoy writing these short-attenion-span notes, I certainly haven't published 1000 posts. Here's what's going on:

The greacen zone runs on the netscrap.com publishing system. Netscrap has a few hundred posts already, thus the high numbers.

The fruit blog also runs on this jalopey.

What's the publishing system? If you've been reading, you already know that it's heart and soul is zombie technology. The netcrap.com publishing system is buggy, but it's super- efficient. Check out this month's netscrap.com comscore numbers if you doubt.

Where's this going? No idea. Isn't that exciting? Just like several of the startups I've worked for. At this point I'm considering tossing the publishing platform's core onto google code under the MSL just like I did with bashWebTest.

some thoughts:

  • anyone interested in a platform like this? I suspect not. Correct me.
  • what would a good codename or project name be? "NetScrap" might even work. Or "The NetScrap Platform" or "The NetScrap Thing"
  • anyone have a better way of handling urls with zombie technology? I looked around a little bit, but couldn't find anything useful. I'm familiar with mapping scripts to 404 actions... I may take a stab at this during some lull.
  • Syndication experiments have been fun: thanks for all the facebook clickthroughs. I'll probably work some more involved rss-streaming into this thing.

Thanks for reading!

05/08/2008  — 

Super Foodie

Heita3 makes musical instruments out of vegetables and performs. Yes, vegetables. He's become my recent favorite food-warrior by mixing two of my favorite ingredients: food and music.

He's taking the locavore thing to a new level. Watch all 31 of his videos and prepare to have your mind blown.

03/04/2008  — 

29 done...

02/07/2008  — 

29 Songs: Day 4,5,6:

02/05/2008  — 

29 Songs: Day 3: More To Come

02/04/2008  — 

29 Songs: Day 3: If Yes, Then No

02/02/2008  — 

29 Songs: Day 2: On The Other Side

02/01/2008  — 

29 Songs: Day 1: Took To The Air

01/31/2008  — 

29 Songs Starts!