Go, Do, Be.


08/18/2009  — 

Absurd Film/Foodie Moment

Just watched Diamonds Are Forever for the first time in a while. I forgot just how kooky and absurd this movie ended-up. It's especially bizarre given the fact that the previous film (On her Majesty's Secret Service) James got married (zoiks!) and then his new bride was killed in an alpine drive-by shooting!

How do you follow that drama? Well with the absurd duo: Mr. Wint and Mr. Kidd of course. Give Rosencrantz and Guildenstern a bottle Château Mouton Rothschild, a timebomb in an ice cream sandwich, a flaming kabob jab that goes horribly wrong.


Seems like there are other foodie chips melting through the Bond cookie.

01/07/2009  — 

Espresso. Pulled, Not Stirred

I got a kick out of this blatant product placement. I think the editor mis-cut the milk foaming shot...

12/19/2008  — 

FOTC Season II

You've probably seen this already, but I meant to toss this up here when I saw it a few days ago... here they are!

03/04/2008  — 

29 done...

Maybe I should toss these into my last post about the get-together. Just a few mire words on this before I return to posts about vertical ad networks, qa and the like.

I didn't really make it to 29 songs as planned, but I'm ok with it. I have at least 10 (ok, maybe 6) decent songs to refine which is way more than what I had at the start of the month.

I uploaded a bunch of tunes from the wrap party to the 29 site (finally). I have stereo versions of the full band experience. Email me if you're desperate to hear those recordings (then please turn yourself in to the kookoo police).

Soon I'll lock down the files that make up the 29.netscrap.com site. Derek's comment about keeping the record of the month in tact is right on. I'll move those things somewhere else. The site will continue to work of course. In fact, it needs a few changes.... Gotta have better control of the player:

  • play in order (as opposed to random)
  • play a single artist if you want
  • play a single song if you want
  • make it easy to embed all of these into other internets.

So what's next? I'll be spending some make-up time with the fam (and work) in the meantime. I also need to rehab my leg which was bonked one recent Saturday when I should have been finishing some songs. After that? I learned that I like recording tunes and I need to keep rolling with this. I learned that my main blockage with songwriting is more in the commitment department than the execution (except maybe the verboligization that accompanies the rock guitar). Even if it's just a slow simmer of experimentation, I need music to be happening. Maybe some 29'ers will get together to jam. Maybe we'll get to collaborate in each others studio to help get Greenberg's recordings recordings LOUDER... I DEFINITELY need to thaw out and finish a few blert songs that haven't been heard by many. Maybe I need to launch http://52.netscrap.com to be home of our new song-a-week lifestyle.

Who's in?

02/05/2008  — 

James Blackshaw, wow

I'm on the Aquarius Records mailing list which mentions that James Blackshaw will play tonight at 6pm: 1055 Valencia Street, San Francisco, California 94110 U.S.A.

Aquarius described his music as "Appalachian Ragas", a phrase that made me want to spin a few songs, here's what I found:
SeeqPod - Playable Search

Yes, there's a lot of great stuff to listen to in addition to the Song-a-day action (which is pretty hot right now).