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12/07/2018  — 

#MyMusical2018 Part 5: Other Shows

If you haven't caught on by now, this is a series of posts about the musical happenings that I was involved with in 2018. The last post was about a project I put together called Doodles. This one isn't about anything I worked on - it's all about the live music I saw that really moved me. If you recall from the first post, I'm pretty sure it was a show that sent me down this path... we'll see where this goes next year.

#MyMusical2018 Part 5: Other Shows

There's so much good live music happening in the bay area. There are so many good clubs and great bands - it can quite a bounty - an all-you-can-eat friggin Smörgåsbord. Life is pretty full though and it's a balancing act to get out to watch a band. I'm more likely to get out and catch friends' bands than out-of-town bands, but I've gotten to know a few out-of-towners who I'd see every time they come through. I could probably have a similar post for both art shows (art gallery openings are a lot like a band's gig and I like going to these things) and my kids' school, theater, and ballet performances.

Here are a few noteworthy gigs I happened to catch in 2018:

  • 1/3 Tony Molina, Healer - Was this Healer's first show? I got some awful yet exciting video of their brief set. (see below)
  • 1/6 Kids on a Crime Spree, Total Bettys
  • 1/16 This Stellar Madness at the Bottom of the Hill
  • 2/17 Mary Timony at the Independent
  • 3/9 Hard Left at the Ivy Room
  • 5/10 This Stellar Madness, Four Minus One Trio, The Gibbs at the Golden Bull
  • 6/8 Business Of Dreams at the White Horse
  • 6/24 Violent Change, Modern Dance, Chronophage, Beatniks at Dildo Factory
  • 6/26 that big band I saw with Ron whose name I forget...
  • 8/7 Tony Molina Record Release show at the Hemlock Tavern
  • 10/4 Terry Malts at the Hemlock Tavern
  • 10/22 Papercuts at Amoeba
  • 11/8 Papercuts, Tony Molina, Kids on a Crime Spree at The Chapel a totally fantastic show!
  • 11/11 Pennywhistle Park at the Ivy Room
  • 12/9 Dead Kennedys at the UC Theater?
  • 12/31 Beanpole at the Fillmore? Hopefully this works out...

Oh hey- more video! This is a playlist, so click through if you want to jump around the list of videos. Otherwise let it play...

What other shows am I forgetting here? Photos and videos? I got 'em.

That's it for the #MyMusical2018 posts. Thanks so much for following along. Maybe I'll update this thing more frequently in 2019? #morefrequentpostsin2019 here we come!

12/05/2018  — 

#MyMusical2018 Part 3: Open mics and other gigs

If you landed on this article I'd like you to know that I've been writing about some of the musical action that I've been involved with in 2018. The last post was about the long-running Song-A-Day project. Today, I'm sweeping a bunch of extra-curricular performances together in a post called...

#MyMusical2018 Part 3: Open mics and other gigs

While this wasn't a big or deliberate goal for the year, I did step into a few open mic situations that were a blast. My go-to is right around the corner from my house at the Missouri Lounge -- one of Berkeley's oldest and best-attended open mics. I've had a few chances to play here with Seth Freeman when he's in town. Seth & I have played a few Little John songs at the Missouri. We played separate songs at The Octopus Literary Salon. The Monday we visited the Octopus was packed with comedians who put on a pretty good show.

I also had a chance to play a fun Halloween show with some radical musicians. We brought the first two Danzig albums to life (or possibly to death) in all their heavy-riffy glory as GIZNAD. Would I wear a wig onstage again? Yes. Would I play this stuff well outside the Halloween season? Hell yes.

Oh hey- there's a youtube playlist containing a few of these things!

Keep your eyes peeled for the next post in the #MyMusical2018 series: Doodles to hear something (old but) new.