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12/25/2008  — 

Merry Christmas!

I hope you are happy and healthy this holiday season. This year we went back east to my parents' home for the holidays. Highlights:

  • Great seats on the flight. Thanks Granny.
  • Snow. immediately.
  • Bethelehem was beautiful.
  • A great (though chilly) day in NYC
  • Quality cousin time.
  • A quick trip to weyerbacher.
  • Happy girls on a fun Christmas morning.
  • Wintery-mix-gate: a tin found under Jon's pillow. All the chocolate chips gone.
  • Introducing the concept of 'Anti-Santa' who comes to steal presents from under your tree. That's why Santa will occasionally wrap presents using the same wrapping paper as gifts from family members.
  • The hot water situation.
  • This year's Christmas Crusaders production.
  • The Ham-bandit.
  • Good (great) news of baby Schulman's safe arrival.
  • Good (great) news of Malone's progress.
  • cafe from cosmic.
  • E's tearful (but happy) nite-nite call from auntie L's.
  • JM's idea about picking up girls at a bar by making racy cats-cradle shapes.
  • More to come... I'll add it as we do it .

To all our bay area family and friends, we miss you and kwill see you soon.

01/01/2008  — 

Happy 08!

So, New Year's day. Again.

This is a pretty good one for me. We're healthy & happy. I wish the same for anyone who stumbles up here. Consider this the birthday of this site. NetScrap.com has been around almost 10 years. March will be the 10 year anniversary of its launch in fact so maybe this year we'll have a birthday party... Email me if you're interested.

Here are some personal high points from 07:

  • Ginger's arival
  • Jumping from meez to gofish (from frying pan to fire? the jury's still out)
  • Our trip to Savannah, GA for my cousin's wedding
  • Cleaning up our backyard
  • Reconnecting with Z after far too long
  • Wave of the day on a local photographer's site
  • Eve's tonsillectomy. She's much better now.
  • Amy finished her novel!
  • Amy also came up with two great ideas: Sierra Vista Fruit Exchange and the monster spray (more on that one later)
  • Sketchiest LBI trip of all time. I'll tell you about that one later.
  • We're still talking about Jared's profiteroles...
  • '07 was the year that Amy upgraded our espresso machine (from the Capresso 121 Ultima) to a Pavoni. We've become masters at pulling shots on this thing.

What's 08 have in store for us?

  • Get a better car (hybrid?), our Audi A4 Wagon has served us well. We're going hybrid.
  • Eve will start Kindergarten. Public school, here we come!
  • GoFish will do something big
  • More words from Ginger (the new boss), She'll turn 1 and start walking soon too.
  • Our contractor will probably take us to court for some absurdity
  • Let's get bashWebTest off the ground
  • Hellz, let's toss all the netscrap code up there too. As it turns out, the whole cms-ation of the site is its strength. Multiblog + catalog!
  • Let readers post comments to this blizzog. Yeah, I'm pretty close with this too.
  • Maybe holidays on the east-side?
  • Jersey Shore this summer? I'd like to finally get my hands on a surfboard there
  • For that matter, I'm thinking about trying to do something like the LogJam this year. I'm pretty good with the Bing these days. Just need to get used to surfing leashless!
  • Amy will finish her 2nd novel.

So, yeah. This site is brand new. What's the goal here? Get writing. Reach out. Share some things that other folks might find neat. What else? You tell me!

12/25/2007  — 

Merry X-Mas!