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07/17/2020  — 

Doodles 2020

Howdy- it's been a heck of a long time since I touched this blog. Sorry for the cold shoulder. What have we missed? Let's see... Trump's America, pandemic, kids growing up, work getting more challenging. What else?

Well I'll commit to freshening up the place a bit. Here's where I'll start - I have a new collection of lo-fi musical improvisations that will be available on all the streaming places: Doodles 2020. This is a follow-on to the original Doodles that came out in 2018. Give it a spin!

More soon!

06/27/2008  — 

Post 1000

I started putting notes onto this blog about 6 months ago. From where I sit: so far, so good. I've found some fun topics to play with. A few posts have even gotten some attention (visits).

Though I enjoy writing these short-attenion-span notes, I certainly haven't published 1000 posts. Here's what's going on:

The greacen zone runs on the netscrap.com publishing system. Netscrap has a few hundred posts already, thus the high numbers.

The fruit blog also runs on this jalopey.

What's the publishing system? If you've been reading, you already know that it's heart and soul is zombie technology. The netcrap.com publishing system is buggy, but it's super- efficient. Check out this month's netscrap.com comscore numbers if you doubt.

Where's this going? No idea. Isn't that exciting? Just like several of the startups I've worked for. At this point I'm considering tossing the publishing platform's core onto google code under the MSL just like I did with bashWebTest.

some thoughts:

  • anyone interested in a platform like this? I suspect not. Correct me.
  • what would a good codename or project name be? "NetScrap" might even work. Or "The NetScrap Platform" or "The NetScrap Thing"
  • anyone have a better way of handling urls with zombie technology? I looked around a little bit, but couldn't find anything useful. I'm familiar with mapping scripts to 404 actions... I may take a stab at this during some lull.
  • Syndication experiments have been fun: thanks for all the facebook clickthroughs. I'll probably work some more involved rss-streaming into this thing.

Thanks for reading!

04/17/2008  — 

Greacens in the news again...

...and not the police log this time. My Uncle Charlie scored a profile on their local ABC affiliates morning talk show. Take a peek at the video on their website: http://www.abcactionnews.com/

There are a few of his illustrations floating around the net too... take a peek.

Congrats Unka Charlie!

04/15/2008  — 

Robert Greacen Dies at 87

No, not my dad. Robert Greacen was a poet from Northern Ireland. He had the same name as my father and grandfather. He lived in the part of Ireland my family left at the turn of the century. He died today.

While studying in Galway, my sister had correspondence with him: a brief letter neatly typed on a card. My brother too, several letters. But Robert Greacen wasn't really family, just a familiar name.

Here are a bunch of poem excerpts on goog-books.

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03/04/2008  — 

29 done...

Maybe I should toss these into my last post about the get-together. Just a few mire words on this before I return to posts about vertical ad networks, qa and the like.

I didn't really make it to 29 songs as planned, but I'm ok with it. I have at least 10 (ok, maybe 6) decent songs to refine which is way more than what I had at the start of the month.

I uploaded a bunch of tunes from the wrap party to the 29 site (finally). I have stereo versions of the full band experience. Email me if you're desperate to hear those recordings (then please turn yourself in to the kookoo police).

Soon I'll lock down the files that make up the 29.netscrap.com site. Derek's comment about keeping the record of the month in tact is right on. I'll move those things somewhere else. The site will continue to work of course. In fact, it needs a few changes.... Gotta have better control of the player:

  • play in order (as opposed to random)
  • play a single artist if you want
  • play a single song if you want
  • make it easy to embed all of these into other internets.

So what's next? I'll be spending some make-up time with the fam (and work) in the meantime. I also need to rehab my leg which was bonked one recent Saturday when I should have been finishing some songs. After that? I learned that I like recording tunes and I need to keep rolling with this. I learned that my main blockage with songwriting is more in the commitment department than the execution (except maybe the verboligization that accompanies the rock guitar). Even if it's just a slow simmer of experimentation, I need music to be happening. Maybe some 29'ers will get together to jam. Maybe we'll get to collaborate in each others studio to help get Greenberg's recordings recordings LOUDER... I DEFINITELY need to thaw out and finish a few blert songs that haven't been heard by many. Maybe I need to launch http://52.netscrap.com to be home of our new song-a-week lifestyle.

Who's in?

02/28/2008  — 

Song-a-day almost done!

02/25/2008  — 

I can see the light!

02/19/2008  — 

Still playing catchup

01/21/2008  — 

What's the Greacen?

01/07/2008  — 

Netscrap's birthday

01/01/2008  — 

Happy 08!

09/23/2007  — 

Long time no blog.