Go, Do, Be.


03/02/2009  — 

Song-A-Day 2009: DONE

We did it. Congrats to everyone who put their songs onto the site. Thanks for all your hard work; I had a great time listening to all of your songs.

I got about 28 songs up there, a few are even keepers. Of my stuff, I feel good about these:

  • 2/03: Istanbul
  • 2/06: Put Down That Bag Of Rocks
  • 2/17: Up In The Attic
  • 2/19: Special Sauce
  • 2/25: Put A Burrito In Your Mouth

This URL will take you to all my songs.

This player has everything that was uploaded. Steal the embed code if you want this on your site.

Here are some of the most listened-to songs from the month: 247 0203_bruce_2nd_time.mp3
196 0204_bruce_3rdwave.mp3
192 0201_derek_a_song_a_day.mp3
190 0205_bruce_shouldabeenalespaul_.mp3
176 0201_greacen_oh_hell_oh.mp3
173 0203_greacen_istanbul.mp3
163 0202_derek_jury_duty.mp3
163 0202_bruce_timesup.mp3
160 0204_greacen_trouble_sleeping.mp3
159 0215_bruce_base.mp3
158 0203_derek_where_is_walt.mp3
158 0201_peter_all_that_i_can_feel.mp3
157 0206_bruce_thank_you.mp3
152 0204_bruce_whatthe.mp3
149 0202_greacen_2wo.mp3
147 0204_derek_disneyland.mp3
146 0203_ryan_in_to_the_night.mp3
146 0201_seth_the_best_place_in_the_world.mp3
145 0131_seth_the_day_before_song.mp3
143 0209_greacen_master_of_the_mall.mp3
142 0203_peter_twothreeohnine.mp3
140 0213_derek_hawaii.mp3
140 0205_greacen_bring_it_back.mp3
139 0216_greacen_watching_all_the_good_ones_go.mp3
139 0202_peter_all_of_them.mp3
136 0212_bruce_alone.mp3
132 0208_greacen_wafflepalooza.mp3
129 0212_derek_taxonomy.mp3

Pretty evenly distributed. I remember Bruce's stuff got a lot of attention last year too, but it seems like the earlier songs are still getting plenty of play.

We're almost to 13000 song streams at this point and if the traffic followed last year's pattern, people will still be listening for a few more days.

Starting to think about Song-A-Week for the rest of the year. Email me if you want in on this.

02/15/2009  — 

Song-A-Day Week 2: Still truckin'

We're trucking along with Song-A-Day. This is the point in the month where the daily contributors cross the 'album-length' line. For me, an album doesn't really need more than 10-14-ish songs. So if the well wasn't so damn dry I'd say that the rest of the month is gravy.

For me, it's time to turn to other instruments, other family members, more wine, plagarism... you get the idea.

I have a few comments in no particular order.


  • I'll tune into http://www.xanga.com/sethrocker a bit more. Somehow this fell out of my RSS reader.
  • Totally understand the schedule crunch. Toss in whatever half-baked ideas you want to share. This follows the 'every idea is a good idea' principle.
  • badaba works! It's a mostly-baked idea. More of these please.
  • adding the drum + background vox for Derek's song was a great idea. I think we've all heard another part that would fit in with the stuff we've heard from each other.


  • You are so prolific, it's always fun to hear your stuff.
  • I like the acoustic versions you're putting up there. Both versions of 'Thank You' are nice. The acoustic version is a treat. Did you get a microphone?
  • "Not Much" I like much.
  • "Acou" I like a bunch too.
  • I like instrumentals. Would be fun to add vox or more to one of your tracks (like Seth added to Dereks).
  • There are a few other instrumentalists this year. Can you out-Tom Tom? or out-Ryan Ryan?


  • http://bringbackcardwalker.bl ogspot.com/ has fallen out of my RSS reader too. I'll tune in there.
  • I'm glad to hear that you've roped the family into songs.
  • I disagree with your thesis presented in 'Monkeys and Clowns'. Songs that mention Monkeys can be turned cool by the mere mention of robots.
  • "Jury Selection" really works for me. Quietly angry. Totally pissed in fact. Dangerous. That's how you come across.
  • I find "Second Life" pretty damn cool.
  • "Me and the Pope" is a triumph. I'll be watching Meet the Press for the story.
  • All your recordings sound very natural and high-fi. They work well on every speaker I've used to torture my family.


  • I haven't read http://midgaardsormen.blogspot.com / much lately (also fell out fo my RSS reader), but I'll add it.
  • Short and sweet works for me.
  • "twothreeohnine" is a highlight for me for some reason. I love the mood. I think it's also because of the sound... I can hear the room.
  • I like the confessional-style of the recent lyrics.
  • I need more please. Get back to work.


  • I'm so psyched that you're doing this.
  • You are totally jamtastic
  • There's a moment in the beginning of Twilight that reminds me of a song by Rodan, but you take it in a totally different direction.
  • There are a few other instrumentalists this year. Can you out-Tom Tom? or out-Bruce Bruce?


  • Great to have your music up here this year. Vocal and guitar chops are coming through loud and clear.
  • Is Bigsby a person or a vibrato? (or a cat?) I like this one.
  • Is "Annalime" using an open tuning? Neat.
  • Are you using an amp modeler or a microphone. I like the dirty guitar sounds.
  • There are a few other instrumentalists this year. Can you out-Bruce Bruce? or out-Ryan Ryan?

If you know anyone else interested in playing along for the rest of the month, invite them over.

Finally, I made a few changes to the RSS feeds on the site. There are actually 4 feeds worth knowing about. Here's the skinny:

What sort of nefarious things can one do with feeds (nefeedarious?) like this? Well, that MRSS feed will now work with more flashy mp3 players that take RSS feeds as playlists. Like this:

03/24/2008  — 

Simple Rss Widgets

I love to browse off-the-shelf tools and doodads floating around the net. Recently I was looking for a widget to publish our corporate news titles on the gofish.com homepage. Sure, I'd love have time to write this from scratch, I don't... but I have about enough time to try 5 and see what works the best.

Quick summary of the features I'd like to shoot for:

  • MUST: browser compatible
  • MUST: pull corp feed
  • MUST: be easy to implement
  • SHOULD: customize colors
  • SHOULD: customize dimensions
  • SHOULD: be quick to load (<3secs)
  • SHOULD: not give up too much info to a 3rd party
  • SHOULD: serve it in a 300x250 RECT size.(why not?)
    • 305x215 Whole corner
    • 305x40 The heading
    • 305x175 List area
  • NICE: pull & mix several feeds
  • NICE: sort multiple feeds
  • NICE: Re-syndicate the widget

Our Raw Feed
Looks like I can grab a feed of each category. This might make for some handy intermingling of headlines. The downside is that it looks like I'm pulling a whole-article feed. I'll see if I can get this to just pull the titles. I'll set up a feedburner feed at http://feeds.feedburner.com/GoFishCorp before using one of these doodads.


www.yourminis.com seems like a neat platform for building and syndicating a flash widget. They allegedly have some relationship with brightcove, I'll see if there's anything worth exploring there.

WidgetBox widget
This looks like a javascript/xhtml implementation. Kinda nice, but let me check it out in a pile of browsers first. Seems like the widgetbox is chock full of other presentations. Would be nice to find one that can handle a few feeds at once.

Some javascript doodad
It's a freebie, kinda simple: http://itde.vccs.edu/rss2js/build.php. Kinda simple, but it looks like I can style the output pretty easly.

Another javascript doodad

Nice javascript-only implementation, doesn't seem like it's working though.

Feed Sweep
Feedsweep is free for noncommercial use, handles a bunch of feeds at once, and is super-simple to put together. Creates a nice dhtml presentation of the title list. I think this

Another freebie, not sure I can get this into the dimensions of the content area on the homepage.

RSS to JavaScript

What do you like? The other folks on the team here seem to like the yourminis the best. I'll put a POC together soon.